Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nobunny Does Easter like the SheriBury Bunny - Recipe 32 - SheriBury (Cadbury) Creme Eggs

I worked on this dillegently on Saturday night.   I had a full week behind me!
(We're talkin', I ripped up carpet, pulled up flooring, went on a prom dress mission, moved furniture, and on top of this did a workout each day) and finally I'd had a chance to somewhat relax.

You'll be surprised to know I was multi-tasking during this veganization too.  While making vegan hot 'wings' for the girlfriend and I to enjoy for dinner.   Most of the time as I was tempering and filling cavities with chocolate I was hearing about the fancy new I-phone and what it does.  
(Ok, Jen, I'm going to admit, I wasn't really listening all that hard. ;)  )   Regardless, I tempered, I filled, I painted, and I froze.  Painted, froze. 

That was actually the hard part.
I care not for tempering chocolate and hoping it fills correctly.  It's a pain.  But thanks to a few tricks I learned along the way, it worked like a charm the way I did it this time.

Next came the filling.   As I was hearing about "face time", I started on the 'egg white'. While Jen was in attempt to make "face time", I continued on to the 'yolk'.   "Face time" didn't happen.  Lol.  But the frozen chocolate was ready for the filling, so - there it went.   Whites, yolk, and back in teh freezers...

At this point I am slicing celery and handing it, and vegan ranch dip to girlfriend so she can find something to do with her mouth besides talk of the I-phone.  (j/k).

Then it was time to coat the finished product with chocolate... mmmm
This was easier than I thought.  

--Back in the freezer--

I start to fry tempeh and cover it with hot sauce for dinner.
We eat.
I begin to be nervous because the last attempt at candy making 101 - I failed somewhat miserably getting candy out of their molds.

I take a deep breath and turn the mold over - expecting to be slamming it over on the table - and VOILA, they pop out like nothin!
I was happy.

Then - I shared one with the girl and -woowwee zowee!  Yummifization!  (She doesn't even like candy but loved this, so I made sure the Easter bunny put two in her basket the next day.)

Elena milked this egg for a long time!
Last night, I took them to their rightful victims.  Elena stole creme from her mom's egg.  Her mom said she wasn't going to finish hers - (but she did).   Her daddy almost lost his by not catching the text bff sent him about going to the store to get me popcorn.. but he didn't lose it, cuz I have a heart and he loved his just as much as everyone else!

All in all, another one I'll have to do again.  Everyone loved them, as well as I!  I put three down all on my own!

Yum - The SheriBunny did good.

So, this weekend, I'm going to stick with an Easter/Spring theme.  I'm not veganizing this weekend, because I'm trying to lower my veganizations due to financial constraints.  However, I'm going to revisit a veganization I did last Easter, so stay tuned - if you're a 'misser of ham' (Or one of my veggie faves, WHAM), you'll not want to miss this one!

I'll fill you in soon!

Music enjoyed while veganizing:
Pandora - 'Sheri's Shoobop'

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Pretty much everything under the sun right now.

Current Motivation:
Doing something I don't really wanna

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