Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nothin' says Lovin' like candy from the microwave oven'. Recipe 26

Happy Valentines Day to all of you lovebirds out there!   I hope it was a wonderful day for you and yours!

Let’s get started on this veganization, shall we?   It was HELL-o.  Not good.

I decided to veganize candy.   

 I made candy for my baby mama, baby, big sis, Bff and Bff Jr.    

Baby mama got hers first.   She was over the moon.  I’m making some more cashew creams for her this weekend.  
Bff and Bff Jr were next… they were just as ecstatic!  I did good.. well, with what I had!

I started out wanting to make thus:
Raspberry filled
Cashew Cream filled
Rose Cocoa filled
Cherry Cordials
Chocolate Covered Caramel
Rasberry Owls

I made filling the day before.. and it turned out fine, except that the way I wanted my caramel was the way I made it in September, and vice versa... but what can you do?  At least it tasted good!

It was SO COLD in my kitchen my chocolate wouldn’t temper right!  At one point I had to put it in the microwave, and at the same time, while I was looking for something under a cabinet I was BURNING the chocolate, and breaking one of my grandma’s dessert dishes at the same time!!  Cry and I believe me, I did..  

Raspberry filled were first.  The hearts were cracking, but I was able to save some.
Caramels were next.  Same as the hearts, but I was able to save some (and had enough caramel that I’d hand cut hearts from to put on top of the candies).
Rose filled cocoa didn’t happen.. I didn’t like the flavor.

I started Cherry Cordials, and had a miraculous meltdown because the darn things wouldn’t come out of the mold!!!   They tasted good, don’t get me wrong and I did the filling perfectly, but they ended up bare topped cherries with chocolate bottoms.. that didn’t fly.  I eventually gave myself a tummy ache finishing those.
Because at this point I was so upset with the molds, I chose to mold the cashew cream in tiki heads.. because nothing says ‘Happy Valentines Day’ like tiki heads.
The tiki heads ended up half severed while popping them out.  I think I saved four.. however, these were OMGYUM.  
Lastly, the raspberry owls.
owl fail.

I crushed raspberries and mixed them with the chocolate.. (this is when it burnt).   So I REDID it.
Molded fine.. came out as this:

I almost gave up.
I then decided to solidify regular old chocolate for the owls.  THAT worked.
Frustrating as this was, it was worth the mmm’s and yumms that it garnered… even though I didn’t get to fufill my prophecy of all the candy.

I’m still happy.
I’m beaming..

Just wait’ll you see what I’ve got planned next.

Music Enjoyed While Cooking and Blogging:
Pandora, over and over..

Current Motivation:
Cupid’s Birthday Veganization

Current Craving:
One of those broken raspberry hearts in my fridge!

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