Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To all the crabs I've loved before....Recipe 27 - Crab Dip

I'd like to dedicate this next one to Mr. Krab, owner of The Krusty Krab.
Not because I've ever spent more than 1/2 a second watching Spongebob, but I thought I'd reach out to all of you people that aren't avid Disney fans, and show you there's a whole nother side of me... 

that doesn't watch Spongebob. 

But I have watched Gumball... does that count?!

Mmmok.  Regardless.

I took a small hiatus for last week.  I shouldn't have to give you a reason why, so you aren't getting one.  This does extend my veganizations out a week, but that is ok too because they'll be extended out more when I start running Disney marathons with my sister later this year and early next.   It's all good.  You love me.  In fact, you won't want me to go away when it's finally time for this whole shebang to come to a close!  But that's a while yet.  Instead, let's move on into this last week of February's treat, shall we?

I am making crab dip with olive buttered french bread.
FWAH FWAH… tres Mardi Gras (or not).

For a double date dinner with a freakin' bunch of alien meat eaters!

They are going to be cooking a moo cow.  (oh sigh).  Whatever.. I'm bringing vegan riblets, vegan butter for my potato, and I've asked for asparagus dry... (ahcuz you know I'm going to slather it with something better than cow butter now, dont' you!?)
However.. I'ma take bets that MY crab dip is better than their dead animal any day!

Oh yeah.. oh yeah.. hot girls make hot food.. (er something like that).

Let's do some numbers for this famed crab dip, shall we?

Olive Buttered French Bread w/o egg wash
(This doesn’t change, I’m using a recipe with no egg to begin with)
Calories - 92
Total Fat  - 1
Cholesterol  - 0
Sodium  - 208
Total Carbohydrate - 18
Dietary Fiber  - 1
Protien - 4
ww pts:   3 

Crab Dip                                Un-Crabo Dipliciouso
                          svg size 2 tbs
Calories – 85                                                   60
Total Fat  - 7                                                     2
Cholesterol  - 30                                               0
Sodium  - 125                                                  83
Total Carbohydrate – 1.5                                  1.0
Dietary Fiber  - 1                                                1
Protien – 3                                                        2
ww pts:  2                                                         1

All I have to say is... I dunno how this night is going to begin or end, but I know it's going to be delicious in between thanks to me!  (Someone's gotta toot her own horn, considering she’s the only vegan in the bunch!)

So, keep your eyes here.  It all unfolds, Saturday night.

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