Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recipe 27 - UnCrabo Dipliciouso!

And there she is....

Folks, crabs are weird things.  More specifically they're sea spiders.   Spiders are creepy.  Sea spiders love water.  They'll take over your bathtubs.   Don't invite a crab into your home.   House spiders, ok.  Crabs, no.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest... let's move on to this crabitty crab veganization, shall we?

So, Friday was a busy day for me.   I had (geez, I now don't even know what I did Friday...) OH! Ok, I had to go over to my parents house that night because since I've become uber poor I had to get rid of my DirecTv, meaning, I rely now on a little box for HD to shoot out a few random channels on my television.. which basically means that tv for me SUCKS, so if I want to watch tv I gotta go someplace else.  Now, some show about turning these peoples houses 'Disney' was on, so of course I needed to watch that.   So I invited myself over to my parents house on Friday.  Before that though I needed to make a bread bowl.

And there you have it, on my old burnt up cookie sheet (see how poor I am?  I can't even afford a new cookie sheet and that one is 2098316 years old.)  This was a regular bread recipe, but it was covered in olive oil and spices.. it was SO GOOD.  It made my kitchen smell divine for at least 24 hours later.   I'm not even an olive oil person.
So, this is what created the 'bowl' that I was to put the 'un-crab' dip in.

After creating that, going to my parents house, making a necklace for this girl I'm dating (yes I said it).   And then taking it TO her and having mucho dog love bombarded upon me.. I went home to prepare for the main veganization for the next day.
THE un-crab dip.
(When I say un-crab, i mean OOON Crab.  Gotta say it like that.)

So Saturday, I had a bunch in a half to do and I had to squeeze in yoga and an iron pumping workout as well as cleaning my dirty dirty house.
So, since you could care less about that... let me show you what I made:


Which was a hit I might add.   I even impressed the 'crab' who was outnumbered by Aquarians!  My un-crab is an amazing substitute for the real thing.  Sometimes I can't believe it's not real myself!  There was a moment that we joked about how un-vegan it might be when I sliced my fingers open with a knife while cutting the bread.. I softened the blood blow, however, by making fun that  you're only a true chef when you bleed on your food.  lol
No blood got on the food..  I made sure of it.   I PROMISE!

And what of dinner?
Well, aside from the 'filet of moocow' apparently being too salty.. (who knows, I didn't have any).  My vegan riblet was yummy.  My potato that wasn't filled with curdled milk and rennet which is an enzyme derived from the fourth stomach chamber of an unweaned ruminant animal (gross much?) was yummy with my vegan butter on it, and the broccoli was lovely.

Great food, good times (I even busted a move as the great king of pop for a while and burned off every calorie I ate, I'm sure!)

So, what's next?
March.. March is GREEN month!
Green, St Patty's day, First Day of Spring...
Green is all around!
(I wish I would come into some extra green.. hhm)

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Good lord, why do I continue to crave mashed potatoes?

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Moving right along..  :)

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