Wednesday, February 8, 2012

for the love of whhoooo??

Ah love..
"It’s that time of yeaaar when the world falls in love every song you heeeaar seems to say… - oh, wrong holiday.

It’s almost Valentines Day, folks, which means I’m hot on the trail of making candy for those special girls in my life.   <3
Baby Mama,  Baby.. and I’ve added in BFF and BFF Jr to the mix now!   Specialteedoo!  Although Baby Mama is slaving over her oven skills to make me dinner in exchange for yummified vegan filled chocolates on Saturday night.   (I’m such a lucky duckie!)

And for MY lucky duckies?   An array of fine, filled, fantabulous chocolates!
Real raspberry swirled chocolate owl pops for the kiddos, and hello… dark chocolate filled with:
Cashew Cream
Rosewater Ganache

All vegan, all day long.


Oh Hallmark’s got nuthin’ on me!!

Let’s do some numbers shall we?   I’m basing these off popular brands, so if you see a brand you know.. duh, that’s why!

Ghiradelli Raspberry Crowns                           Vegan Raspberry Truffles
Calories 200                                                                                          168
Total Fat 12g                                                                                         10
Cholesterol 0g                                                                                        0
Sodium 20mg                                                                                        20          
Total Carbohydrate  29g                                                                          15
Dietary Fiber  2g                                                                                     2
WW Pts:  5                                                                                            4

Generic Cashew Cream Chocolates            Vegan Cashew Cream Chocolates
Calories 280                                                                                         220
Total Fat 16g                                                                                         12
Cholesterol 50g                                                                                      0
Sodium 35mg                                                                                         30            
Total Carbohydrate 25g                                                                          18
Dietary Fiber  1g                                                                                    1
ww pts:     7                                                                                           5

Carmello Squares                                                         Vegan Caramel Truffles
Calories 220                                                                                          185
Total Fat 12g                                                                                           8
Cholesterol 10g                                                                                        0
Sodium 60mg                                                                                         50              
Total Carbohydrate  27g                                                                           22
Dietary Fiber  1g                                                                                      1
WW Pts:   6                                                                                            5

Chocolate Truffles                                  Vegan Rosewater Chocolate Truffles
Calories 210                                                                                            55
Total Fat 12g                                                                                             6
Cholesterol 0g                                                                                           0
Sodium 52mg                                                                                            24        
Total Carbohydrate  29g                                                                              18
Dietary Fiber  2g                                                                                        2
WW Pts:   6                                                                                             4

Cherry Cordials                                        Vegan Cherry Cordials
Calories 150                                                                                  85
Total Fat 5g                                                                                    3    
Cholesterol 50g                                                                              0
Sodium 140mg                                                                              65mg                               
Total Carbohydrate  25g                                                                18
Dietary Fiber  1g                                                                             1
WW Pts:  4                                                                                   3

So, now I have to get to cookin!
I’m making filling now – as we speak.   I want the filling to chill before I make the shells on Friday.   Oh I’ve got hearts, I’ve got truffle shells.. I have owls!!  I HAVE OWLS!!
Big love

So as I start out on this journey of sugar and love, where will it take me when it’s all done?
More sugar and love!  Only this time, the hugging kind!

Be jealous, be very jealous. 

Off to make filling!

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A random array of whatever’s on Pandora.  (I’m busy, sue me).

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My lovelies!

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