Sunday, February 5, 2012

SUPER Vegan Cincinnati Chili, Chili 'Cheese' Dip & Coneys!

It was a beautiful night for a party.. a SUPER bowl party.  I put on my 'Super Duper Girl' shirt and celebrated with some awesome ladies for this first ever Super Bowl that I've actually sat down for. (Not a sports fan).   We started with some Kundalini yoga.. (which Robyn affectionately called 'Tandalooni'  And then we busted out the food.   We had fruit, we had veggies, we had chips, chili 'cheese' dip, and the ever Cincy popular 3 ways and coneys.   
You'd have thought I worked hard on this little dinner.. but it was probably one of the easiest - complicated dishes I have made.   Everything was super simple, and kid pleasers.. and kids we pleased.. (and adults too!)

I started this baby old skool.. (I do this from time to time)... the main stuff?  Garlic, onions (omg they burned my eyesesballs!) and tomatoes.. plus all kindsa spices.. like, ALL KINDS OF SPICES and a few other things..   a couple of hours, later you have 'voila' vegan cincinnati style chili... which has been a hit so far with everyone who's eaten it.  (Even myself and I'm not a gargantuan cincy-style chili fan, but I do like this stuff.. and so does my clueless daddy. Did I mention that yet?  Oh yeah I think I did. 

Wanna see it cookin?  I sat in my kitchen last night for two hours smelling it cook it's lil heart away. mmmmm

Alrighty then.. let's get to the night.  I was told I was supposed to root for the Giants..(and they won). But the house was rooting for the patriots.   We were all rooting for Madonna though,secretly. :)  Isn't she beautiful? I luff  her, have for YEARS.
Anyhoo...aside from our dancing in Robyn's living room,  lets   enjoy some shots from the night. :)

hello chili cheese dip!

Elena and Amerie' enjoying their apple juice and dip.

that's me and a 3-way.  I told you it was food, you dirty people!
and because i'm a bottomless pit, i'm having a coney too!

myself and christy in the awkward shot of the night.

To close, I had a BLAST.   We laughed, we danced, we did yoga, we discussed people, places, things.   I can't wait for the next time we get together again.
The veganization was a success.. I have two chili converts here.  mmmm.  :)

So, what's next?
;)   Yes, I'm going to celebrate this Hallmark holiday with some sweets for my sweetests!  And you'll just have to wait until later this week to find out what I'm doing.

Have a lovely night, sleep tight, don't let the chili bite!


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