Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recipe 31 - Sam I Am.

Green month continues here over at RoVL, and we close it up with a very strange veganization of the ever most popular 'Green Eggs and Ham'.

So not vegan.

March 2nd was Dr. Suess' birthday, so as such, I have decided to close 'Green Month' with a tribute to the Dr. himself.

What do I think of green eggs and ham?
“Do you like green
eggs and ham?”

“I do not like them,
I do not like green
eggs and ham!”

"Would you like them
here or there?"
"I would not like them
here or there.
I would not like them

But would you like them veganized?

Let's go!!

Numbers please, before I sneeze.

Traditional G.E.A.H                          Horton's "who's a vegan" G.E.A.H
Calories –  240                                                  133
Total Fat  - 9.8                                                     4.7
Cholesterol  - 84                                                  0mg
Sodium  - 419                                                     145
Total Carbohydrate – 2.0                                    3.4
Dietary Fiber  0.1                                               1.5
Protien – 11.2                                                     6
ww pts:     4                                                         2
Woo hoo. 
This one is going to be a challenge.  To make eggs look like eggs.. THAT's a challenge.  But I'm up for it.

You also might be saying: "why is this your last March veganization??"   To that I'm saying.. this little veganizer is taking a spring break from cooking.. cuz I can.

Stay tuned.  This is supposed to be for baby-mama, but baby is having surgery this week.. so all my love is going out to her. <3   If we can't make it, then yours truly is going to be the only brave soul to try this.
(can you believe my baby-mama is the bravest one I know?)

It'll be good.

Stay tuned!!

Music enjoyed while blogging.

Current Craving
 Mac and "Cheese"

Current Motivation
To make sure all my love and light goes out to my baby, Lotus. <3

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