Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green Tea Cupcakes - Recipe 30 - and an asian delight!

Another successful veganization.. although I was surprised!

These lil beauties had a weird flavor to me, and maybe it's because i'm not sure about green tea in anything but water.. but it's all about learning here.

I  made these tiny little things on Friday, and the batter was kinda strange to me.   Of course vegan victim number one had a baby fit that I wasn't to feed her anything that might be 'bad'.   Whatever.

So, (and this might be short, but I have a headache).  After baking them, they started to get a better taste, not only that, I rocked the buttercream.  Yum!  Who knew you could put green tea in buttercream and it tastes ok?

I was met with yum all around during the first victimization round.. however, as always, Ms. Carroll did nothing but question me.  Whatever (it's my mantra today).

My second round was met with a happier and even more excited group of victims.. although, I was a victim here too - with my girlfriend's asian spread made just for me!  We had crab rangoon, general tsao's chicken, rice, saki and of course, green tea cupcakes..  everything vegan.  I'm such a lucky ducky.   The girlfriend knows what she's doing in the kitchen..  she's probably put about 5 lbs on me by now.
Check out what "I" got in return for my cupcakes

Yum!  So St.Patricks day offically turned into St. Asian food day. lol.  All successful, all yummy.
Hope you all had a good one.. and a safe one.   I now have to go inside because I have obnoxious neighbors next door here talking.. and smoking (ick).. so I feel like I can't enjoy the deck I'm sitting on.  (Sad).

So, can't wait for what's next..
Sam I am.
Green month continues.. just keep tuning in!

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Nada, except obnoxious neighbors.

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