Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Egg to the Nog - Recipe 18 - Vegan Eggnog Ice Cream (and sidenote, crazy cookie day!)

So, simplicity rules here... maybe this is why I'm going for the not-so-simple, cookie party day tomorrow!
This recipe was sooo easy, I could probably do it once again with my eyes closed.   Now, I've NEVER been an eggnog fan, but I know Benny is, and I used to (as I said once before) make him real eggnog ice cream for Christmas, but this year - he got the vegan kind, and he didn't seem any the dissapointed.  He ate all of it.     Even my baby mama (who's like me and isn't an eggnog person) had a bowl!

There's my baby mama >>>>  Isn't she pretty?   Luff her.  <3  I think she was saying:  "mmmmm".  Lol.
So, regardless.  Vegan eggnog ice cream was a success.. which is actually a really big deal because it's not extremely easy to veganize anything 'eggnog' related.  Shoot, listen to the word "EGGnog".. it's not even close to 'vegan'.  Then you add 'cream' into the mix?   So not vegan.  But as I said.  Easy peasy.   The hardest part was to make sure it thickened right to churn it into an ice cream consistency.   I utilized cashews of all things.. and guess what?  It did the trick! (Now I wonder if I should have used cashews for that peppermint pie?  Hhhmmm.)

Ye olde churner, the Kitchenaid!
So cooking, cooling, churning, eating..  it's just that easy, and I'm totally ready to make ice cream now!   Just need someone besides myself to make it for!
 Not only was my ice cream the star last night, my Lori made us the best ever vegan chicken and dumplings.  Yum x 239273192732966.  I just ate my leftovers for lunch today.  She's such a good chef, my baby mama.  Very soon she's going to be one of my un-celebrity chefs in a chili cookoff.. oh very soon!

So, now what?  Ala Christmas cookie baking party day - which is tomorrow (as I'm writing this here on Saturday).  This should be fun, so long as my un-celebrity chefs Vicki, Megan, Amy and I don't kill eachother in my sister's tiny kitchen.     Guess I had better get the video camera ready - so someone can video tape me.. :P  Ok, I can videotape my sister who's doing something awesome for me, and veganizing peanut butter kiss cookies.   Can't ask for a better gift than that!!  Those are my FAVE!
Til later!


  Would you look at that there?  That cute lil spread?
Cookie day was fun.  What you're looking at here is L-R:
Vicki's (The sister): Chocolate peanut butter chip cookies.  Bottom middle:  MY chocolate chip cookies.  Right:  My sugar cookies. Top: Oatmeal CC Raisin Cookies (made specifically for Sandra) and right in the middle:  The sister's peanut butter kisses.   These are ALL vegan!  :)  This spread is going to our ornament party at work on Tuesday.  The rest, to whomever wants it.  I'm sugared out.

You may notice, that the gingerbread is missing.  It's not because I didn't make them.. but for some reason they turned out so thin, and so breakable that they were pretty much rendered useless by the time I got them home.. but here they are, all packed up and ready to go.

Regardless, the neice even got into the mix making brownies for school. 
Envision with me, if you will.. 3 Kitchenaid mixers (one 'olive' color from the 1400's - ok 1970's) all mixing at once.  I'm surpised we didn't blow a fuse!  So as I made sugar cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread, the sister was making peanut butter kisses.. and she'd also made a few others the day before.  Something with hot peppers in it, which didn't taste all that well (probably because it had splenda in it - which, ew.) but they DID have a kick at the end.    And Amy made something called 'Devil Dogs' which were devils food cake with a cream on them and chocolate sauce.   These ended up going to my father, and some kids at school tomorrow (for my neice).   SO NOT VEGAN! ;)
Anyway - there's the group there.  Ignore the weird look on my sister's face.  I am not quite sure what she was doing at this point.  
Regardless, I don't have alot to say about this cookie thing.. probably because I'm on some weird sugar high I don't want to be having.   It was fun.. it was tasty.. it was fantasimo. My cookies were a hit... so were everyone elses.  Even Megan was stealing some of my chocolate chip dough.. (which is surprising because she's such a picky pants.)  

It's time to let this veganization go with the cold cold wind... what's next week? 
I know I'll be busy on Saturday night prepping the breads for it, but the rest of it will be made on Christmas morning.  My sister and I will be slaving away in the kitchen, making noise while my dad attempts to sleep, while my mommy is in church.  It should be fun.
Prep info coming soon.    Right now I'm taking my pigtails out and going to enjoy Alton Brown on TV.
Have a lovely up-coming week.

Music enjoyed while baking and writing:
Christmas music on TV
Good Eats

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The sugar high I'm on

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ANYTHING w/o sugar!

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