Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome to sugartown - population, unknown.

It's time for a sugar-high.   This is going to be a two-parter.  This one part I'll be making ice cream. 
For the second part - I've got a crew set up - and we'll be making cookies.
On the menu?

For ME:   Vegan Eggnog Ice Cream. 
Reason?:  It's my main veganization this week. AND a Christmas gift for my baby's daddy, because it's his favorite.  However, I used to make it the un-vegan way for him.  This year, my baby mama gets to benefit from the VEGAN way.  I think he'll enjoy it just as much too.  He's an easy foodie to please.:) 
This is for our ornament party on Friday at the baby mama's house.   My baby mama has promised me vegan chicken and dumplins and time with my lil girls.  I'm excited.  It's going to be fun... especially now that I'm creating an "I Love Sheri" ornament for baby Lotus.  (Who wants an I love Sheri ornament?! - my BABY of course!)  She asked for it, she's getting it.. but I told her I wanted an "I love Lotus" ornament in return.   I'm so excited.  <3 

So, my ice cream-cream has already been started and is cooling so that I can churn tomorrow and it will make it there in it's glory on Friday.    Update on that in the next blog.. but let me get to my next big veganization for the weekend.

Christmas Cookie Veganization!

The Sis, AK, Megs and I are doing Christmas cookies on Sunday after Kundalini.  I'm not sure what Megs is making, and I think AK said something about 'Devil Dogs.'   My sister is making triple peanut butter cookies, a chili cookie,(?) and snowball cookies.
So what matters?  Lol.
*I* am making:
Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Vegan Soft Gingerbread Cookies
Vegan Sugar Cookies.

Now, you don't think I'm eating all this do you?   Ha!  I'm probably going to take them for our ornament exchange at work... and whatever doesn't get eaten there, I'll leave in our break room.   Ah, the people at work love it when I attempt to fatten them up.  lol.

So ok, lets do the ol' numbers.

                     Eggnog Ice Cream                                         Vegan Eggnog Ice Cream
                               1 scoop                                                               1 scoop

Calories                  250                                                                      180
Fat                           13 g                                                                      10g
Cholesterol             70mg                                                                   0
Sodium                    90mg                                                                  42mg
Carbohydrates       31g                                                                       25
Fiber                         0                                                                          0
Protien                     5.0g                                                                      3.6g
WW Pts                      7                                                                          6

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies                                      Vegan OCC Cookies

                       1 cookie                                                                    1 cookie
Calories          160                                                                            140
Fat                    8.5g                                                                           6g
Cholesterol       2.8                                                                             0
Sodium              135mg                                                                    115mg
Carbs                 18g                                                                           12g
Fiber                  2.5g                                                                           2.0g
Protien               2.0                                                                            2.0g
WW Pts              4                                                                                3

Soft Gingerbread Cookies                                             Vegan Soft Gingerbread Cookies
               1 cookie                                                                             1 cookie
Calories    143                                                                                 122
Fat               6g                                                                                  3g
Cholesterol     9g                                                                              0g
Sodium         147mg                                                                        112mg
Carbs             21g                                                                             15g
Fiber              0.4                                                                             0.4
Protien           1.6                                                                             0.5
WW Pts           4                                                                                2

Sugar Cookies                                                                         Vegan Sugar Cookies
      1 cookie                                                                                       1 cookie
Calories   72                                                                                         60
Fat           3.2g                                                                                       1g
Cholesterol  8mg                                                                                  0mg
Sodium        54mg                                                                                 32mg
Carbs            10.2g                                                                                 8g
Fiber              0.1g                                                                                 0.1g
Protien           0.8g                                                                                0.8g
WW Pts          2                                                                                       1

And there we go.   It's going to be a 'sweet'  weekend all around.   And hopefully I won't be on too big of a sugar high when it's all over.   It's time to roll into this holiday at full force.  Ornaments, Sugar, the works.   Ah, do you think I'll gain a lb?    I guess you better stick around to find out, shouldn't you?

Til next blog.   Be "sweet".

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