Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Christmas Veganization of Gastronomical Proportions

I'm exhausted, ya'll.   Absolutely exhausted.   Why?   Well it's not because I've been up all night with an ulcer.. oh NOOOES.

Yesterday started out somewhat irritatingly but I didn't think much of it really.  I thought it might have been because I wasn't sure how I wanted my black bean burger cooked at the place I went to with my girls on Friday night.  (Ok REALLY?  Who asks you how you want your black bean burger cooked? It's a BLACK BEAN BURGER.. not a cow!)  Anyway.. I thought maybe somethin was up with what I ate there.. til later on, as I'm starving and wanting dinner.. but then, dinner didn't want to be in me at all. :(   The PAIN in my stomach was, and has been intense ever since.  It's an ulcer.. it's been confirmed.  It's awesome.  I got to spend the gest of the day on pillows and with a heating pad on my belly.   Regardless, even though I was in pain, I prepped my cinnamon rolls and biscuits last night.. and was able to create a vegan plate worthy of any Christmas breakfast today.

In no particular order, I made cinnamon rolls.  
They turned out small.  The reason I think this happened was because I rushed making the dough last night because it was hard to stand up.   They were cute though and tasted really good.  They have a sugary vegan cream cheese icing on top of them.  They certainly were best much warmer, but they were the first things to be popped in the oven and I think the last things to be eaten.  Regardless, I'll make them again, but I will make them alot bigger next time.

Biscuits and gravy.
You only see two biscuits there because it was only my sister and I eating them.   I was impressed.. my sister took leftovers of this home and said it was 'really good'!   Honestly, if you're an avid biscuits and gravy eater, it's really hard to tell that this isn't the real thing.  It's one of my favorite breakfasty things to make.. it's very yummy!

Cheesy Scrambled 'Eggs'
I like the lil spoony thing.  lol.   Obviously my 'eggs' were tofu.  I hate using alot of tofu, but I wanted to try some 'eggs' with the rest of my food today.  Tofu, some veggies, and top with Daiya and it hit the spot (albeit the wrong spot as my tummy isn't wanting me to eat today).   It made a nice colorful section on my plate. In fact, had I been really testing myself, I'd have made them 'Huevos Rancheros' and thrown some hot sauce on them.. but that would have just been evil!

Hash browned potatoes.  
I actually took a big shortcut here, but not before I did that thing I'm terrified to do and..   PEEL the dang potatoes.   (Shudder)...  AAAAHHH.  
Ok, anyway - I'd brought my cheese grater to moms to shred these potatoes and make them look more hash browny.  Oh trust me, because they look more like scalloped potatoes (thanks to my moms food processor shredder) my father let me know a couple of times what hash browns are SUPPOSED to look like.    Whatever, he ate them. ;)  Look that's him dishing some out!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good holiday, whatever holiday you might celebrate!   I had a whole plate of food.   However, about 15 mins later I had to take a really good pain pill and sit on the floor with a heating pad and about a dozen fluffy pillows to open my Christmas presents due to the pain.  At least I was good enough to play a TOTALLY fun game of Disneyland Kinect with my neicage later on, and to get a Kundalini workout in with my sister.

My Christmas dinner?  Soda water and crackers. 

Stay tuned for my New Year blog.   I'm expecting to do something special for it.   We'll see how that turns out... You never KNOW what I have up my sleevy sleeve.

Have a beautiful night all.  I hope you're STUFFED with holiday cheer!

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