Friday, November 11, 2011

And the bottom starts to drop out - Vegan Schnitzel With Noodles - Recipe 13.

This <<<<  This was good.   It was better than good.   I thought I'd stopped into a German fine dining establishment and ordered - ah heck, I dunno - Schnitzel with Noodles?
I've never HAD real Schnitzel with Noodles before - so I really had nothing to compare it to - but I'll say it again, "IT WAS GOOD!"
It was alot of work.. well, some parts more than others, but I think that this is a successful veganization (and I've got leftovers, yay).   So - strike up the liedehosen... er, yah.

Let me start at the beginning.  IF you read my last post (and I doubt you did, because I'm almost sure if anyone reads this - it's not anyone I know.)  But IF you read this last post, you were introduced to Mr. Reverend August Kroll.   Well, he has been spearheading this german veganization since the start.   In fact (even though I knew I was going to make them)  I'd traveled into the german section of Jungle Jims yesterday.. minding my own lil grocery shopper business, looking at german egg noodles, when a Rahmkuchen cake decided to drop straight from it's cozy spot on the shelf down in front of my cart to the floor... the stock boy to my left said - "Um, ya gotta ghost with ya?"  Geezle, if he only knew.

Mkay, since Rev. Kroll is the person we're veganizing for today - it's only fitting I have another encounter with him, right?  And..  I did.   At his old stomping grounds - The Protestant Johannes Church - which is now a Catholic Church, St. Louis Church, downtown Cincinnati.  He infact, did not really want me in the rectory - and almost had me on the floor in tears while looking into the sanctuary.  I lit a candle for him and moved fast.  He told me 'no'.. but I thought - well what can he do if I ignore it?   He made me feel miserable.. that's what he did.   Later on, we moved to where he lived, and to his other church, which is for sale now in OTR.  He also lived either on the side that Music Hall now resides, or he lived adjacent to that - right before the canal.  Which is now a street.    It was so strange as I sat upstairs for a short time and looked out my window when I was safe in my home.. that I could almost feel what my neighborhood looked like at the very time the man was alive.. it was as if I was seeing it through the eyes of my own ghosts.   It was a draining day... but even so I felt compelled to do my veganization, which I really was going to hold for tomorrow night.. but I digress, I did my yoga and started my work.

Last night I realized that the big white thing that belonged to Great Aunt Audie, was really used as a bread storage, and dough rolling out device.. so I decided to make noodles the old fashioned way, with the old rolling pin and a knife on my beautiful piece of ancient kitchen furniture.

So, that's where this all started.  As I danced to Bitter:Sweet and Goldfrapp (omg she's beautiful)- I rolled and rolled and dusted and cut out big wide lemon pepper noodles.  It took me the better part of forever, but after having tasted them.. it was well worth it.   I know now why I used a noodle maker though.  It's not that this was hard, but it took SOOO long and I stood there hunched over that table for some time slicing them into perfect.

I left them to dry overnight and had my day today.. then decided out of no-where that I was going to make this dinner TONIGHT.  So, I pulled out the ingredients and went to work.

I had a set of three bowls.. one filled with herbs, another filled with an 'egg' mixture and another filled with breadcrumbs and paprika.   This was to be my dippers for my Schnitzel.  Now, if you remember correctly from my last post.. traditional schnitzel would be veal.  Veal - what's that?  Well I'ma tell you.. let's get hardcore here - I've not been pardoned today - so you're not going to be:
  • Bob veal, from calves that are slaughtered when only a few days old (70-150 lb.) up to 150 lb.[2]
  • Formula-fed (or "milk-fed") veal, from calves that are raised on a milk formula supplement. The meat colour is ivory or creamy pink, with a firm, fine, and velvety appearance. They are usually slaughtered when they reach 18–20 weeks of age (450-500 lb).[3]
  • Non-formula-fed ("red" or "grain-fed")[4] veal, from calves that are raised on grain, hay, or other solid food, in addition to milk. The meat is darker in colour, and some additional marbling and fat may be apparent. It is usually marketed as calf, rather than veal, at 22–26 weeks of age (650-700 lb).
  • Rose veal UK is from calves reared on farms in association with the UK RSPCA's Freedom Food programme. Its name comes from its pink colour, which is a result of the calves being slaughtered at around 35 weeks.[5]
  • Free-raised veal, The veal calves are raised in the pasture, and have unlimited access to mother’s milk and pasture grasses. They are not administered hormones or antibiotics. These conditions replicate those used to raise authentic pasture-raised veal. The meat is a rich pink color. Free-raised veal are typically lower in fat than other veal.[citation needed] Calves are slaughtered at about 24 weeks of age.
Now, if you don't find any of this evil, I think you're on the wrong blog.   You know what's funny though?  When people say to me "Eew meat" and apologize for eating it in front of me.  I don't think, 'eew meat'  I more think - omg, why would you want to eat a helpless animal?   Meat, sure it's good - but do you realize some of this stuff they make meatless now, mimicks the real thing so much you'd probably never miss it?  Ah, nevermind..  Regardless, I used
Litelife "chicken" breasts.. in place of that evil.  I'm doin' ok.   I started those babies into the skillet and popped my noodles into a bit of veggie broth.

This was easy enough that while things were cooking I was able to clean up the crazy mess that was accumulating in my kitchen from it.  That and I had fur kids eating their own dinner at my feet - so it was becoming a bit dangerous at times, but I was able to keep up speed because of the ease of cooking this stuff.

After it was done, I plated it.. drizzled it with lemon and took the picture you saw above.  I really have nothing to compare it to.  So I can't say if it really stood up to the real thing.  But I can say - OMG YUM.  It was good, and I'm absolutely over the moon that I have leftovers for dinner tomorrow.

So, with another veganization under my belt - what am I going to do now?  (Oh goodness I wish I could say "Go to Disney World")  But no - no, i'm getting plans down for Payton's Grab and Go Thanksgiving feast.. so keep it tuned here.  And while I've (hopefully) got your attention.. won't you sponsor a Turkey this year?    Payton is our mascot.. he's the one I've adopted for Thanksgiving..and he's so darn cute!   I can't wait to show you what I'm doing in his name.  Last year I sponsored a little girl turkey and made a pumpkin lasagna in her name.  It was delish!

So, with that said - it's time to put Augustus to rest for the night (or whatever he does at night pilfering around my VW bug) and continue to delve into his secrets later on.  Because I'm exhausted.
Auf Wiedersehen!

Music enjoyed while writing this blog and cooking:

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
Goldfrapp - Train
Frou Frou - Hear me out
Bitter:Sweet - Get What I want
Gotan Project - Lunatico
<3 Goldfrapp - Human <3
Thievery Corporation -Heaven's gonna burn your eyes
Bitter:Sweet - Mating Game
Goldfrapp - Hairy Trees
Client - Someone to Hurt
Massive Attack - Teardrop

Current Craving:  Chocolate Chip Cookies

Current Motivation:  Exhaustion

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