Thursday, September 29, 2011

A girly girl's salted yeti dream.

Ahh.. the Himalayas.   Just the thought conjures up images of the snowcapped mountains, the fresh air, the cute yeti in his pink bunny slippers grinding up pink seasalt for every little vegan's dreamy Himalayan Pink Salted Caramel Squares.  :)
Sure - we're all on the same wavelength, right?   There's a Yeti.  He shaves up that salt - much like Edward Scissorhands did to ice sculptures to create snow.   Those pretty Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders - thank the Yeti.  For, it was him that created those and sent them down to the earth for all of us to partake in their lovely healing benefits.

Why, thank you Mr. Yeti.   I forgive you for pushing me backwards on Expedition Everest, so many years ago on our WDW Thanksgiving Girls Trip.  I might just go and see you again next time I'm in your area, and instead of screaming when I see you - I'll thank you once again for the wonderful salty goodness I'm about to share with the world.   Vegan Pink Himalayan Sea Salted Caramels.

What brought me to making salted caramels this week?  Well, a couple of things, really.  I'm unable to do my original un-celebrity chef cookoff with my baby mama due to time constraints, so I had to 'think fast'.  I recalled talking about the salted caramel that Nadia G was making a couple of weeks ago; to further that lil obsession, my sister had a salted caramel candle burning in her house which inevitably, during Kundalini last week, made her whole house smell like a Karmel Korn store (remember those?)  I was hooked.  That, and what's autumn without caramel?
Caramel apples, caramel corn, caramel apple cider.  Need I go on?   This treat, once only a mere daydream to vegans, is now easily veganizable - and guess what you smart people, you?  I'm gonna doooo it!  :)   Who are my guinea pigs?   Just about anyone that wants one!  I'll probably bring them to work, throw them at passerbys (no, not really but that might be funny) and give them to friends.  I plan to have several - I hope.  I love and miss caramel.. not anymore!!!   And to make the Yeti's hard work pay off for him, I'm going to use my very favorite salt - Pink Himalayan Salt.  Oh sigh.  :)

It was hard for me to decide what I would compare these to.   So, I thought and thought.  My Facebook friends go on and on about the devil Starbucks in the autumn times... so I thought - "I BETCHA that Starbucks is in on the ol' salted caramel trend".. and whattya know?  They are!  So my comparison and motivated - dairy filled delight twin are Starbucks Salted Caramel Sweet Squares.

What are my lovely - not so evil - caramels going to be called?

The Yeti-Star's 'Vegan Me Pink' Salted Caramel Nips.  Or - Vegan Yetinips for short. :)
So lets do the numbers, shall we?

Starbucks Salted Caramel Squares                     Vegan Yetinips
1 square                                                                                      1 square                   
Calories - 190                                               50
Fat - 11g                                                       2g
Cholesterol -   20mg                                     0mg
Sodium - 150mg                                           98mg
Carbs -  24g                                                1.5g
Protien - 2g                                                  0g
Fiber -   0 g                                                  0g
WW Points - 6                                              1

Have I convinced you all yet?   Dare you to continue calling me anorexic.  DARE YOU.  It's not the fact that I'm a glutton with food.. it's what's NOT IN the food I'm eating that makes me look like a supermodel (lol kidding I do not in any way, shape or form look like, nor condone looking like a supermodel)

And since I've not yet shared a little history here in this blog.. lets look at the history of the caramel for a moment, shall we?
"Caramel is an American confection. As early as the seventeenth century, American women were using caramelized sugar and water to make candies. The candy made from caramelized sugar and water was, of course, hard. But the hardness was considered a good thing. It was very inexpensive to produce. It was easily transported, and it wasn't necessary to handle it with care. Best of all, it had a very long shelf life.  Somewhere around 1850, it was discovered that by adding milk and fat products to this cooked sugar mixture, a sweet chewy confection was produced, and it was quickly named "caramel." Caramel was an instant hit, and it got more and more popular."

I'm beginning to dream of caramel apples now.     Maybe I'll drizzle some in my apple cider.   Hhhmm..
Now, just so I don't leave you empty eyed.. let me remind you of my favorite Yeti encounter this year.
Mr Yeti waving to everyone on the Matterhorn (he's waving, right?)

Ah, memories.  There's nothing like you're neiceage weisage driving a bobsled way too fast and furious (resulting in a sore back for those of us not up-close and too personal with anyone in our half of a sled) past this vile - red eyed- creature, in the dark, as we yodel our last hurrahs hoping to make it down in one piece....   Hey wait, he's waving! He's not reaching down to swipe us!  No, no no no... Aww, the magic of Disney.  Don'tcha know that all of the scary monsters there are just doing their job?!   They're really great guys when they're not in character.  ;)   (Yes I still believe in Disney magic...)

Music enjoyed while writing this blog:   Tv in the background.
Current Craving - A good raspberry.
Current Motivation - Being better at caramel than SBux

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