Monday, September 26, 2011

"Tastes Like Chicken" - Flaxen Love-itt Pies - Recipe 6, Dinners

Saturday Night:
Well, it smells good!  :)  I could have started this with a little better organization - but I was feeling wild and crazy and not organized AT ALL.  So, I didn't.  I made a HUGE mess, but it was ok.  I was exhausted.

I spent all day Saturday in Indiana at the "Rebel Race" cheering Mooie Kip on.  So, it's okay.  Regardless, I got home so early that I thought - why not?  Let's get this show on the road.
So, it starts.. once again, here I am kneading dough for the crust.  Knead, knead, knead.  Roll, roll, roll.  Cut cut - ok ok you get it.  This is what I got from that below:

The Tops
Yeah I have a big one because this made alot more than the three lil crocks for the Fuqua girls on Monday.  I have - a WHOLE CASSEROLE, ladies and gents.  It's Sunday night's dinner.  ;)

So then, it was onto the pearl onions.  Now, I've never cooked with pearl onions before, and they are a MESS!  A MESS I say (you think I got a picture of my mess, don't you?) HARDLY.  I don't show you my big messes!  If I did, you'd see the bottom of my cheesecake stuck-on oven. ;)  No thankyou.   Anyway, cutting onions, dicing potatoes, cutting celery, garlic - what else, oh FOR HEAVEN SAKE - the meat of this 'meat pie'  the TEMPEH!  Goodness I love tempeh.  I can't explain how much.  Tofu is nothin compared to tempeh.  mMmmM.  Anyway, yes I diced up tempeh.. then started the filling... and got it all to it's creamy, bubbly mixture all ready to pop into their crock
The mixture - not quite bubbly yet

So - after that was done - (you'll notice I was boiling the peas seperatly, because the sister hates them.. see em over there far left?!)  I added the one pie w/o peas, and then mixed those green balls of goodness into my mixture and made the rest of the pies.  They were smelling pretty nice.  Then it was time to put the crusts on top of the things.   This was actually easier than I thought.  I thought my crusts would plop over the top of the bowls but they actually fit very nicely inside of the pots so they were nice and neat.  I put a little 'v' in the one for my sister so that when we cook them on Monday we'll know which one is 'pea-less'.  Lol   And for the record here are the 'raw' pots getting ready to go into the ol' oven. I even left one 'open' for you to see it's innerds!  Yum.. these things are going to taste lovely.
pies ready to bake!

So baking, they started to smell even better.  And hey, look, I made a hidden mickey in the picture to your right!  I'm ready to eat these things.  But I only have til tomorrow to wait to eat the larger casserole.. but I won't report on it til the Fuqua ladies have it after our run on Monday.

So, what's the consensus?  Did it 'taste like chicken'  Are the Flaxen Love-itt pies a hit?  I do have to say - of the four people that ate these- I've had nothing but positive comments from everyone.    I do have to say, I think next time I'll roll the topping thinner.  But regardless, the whole refrigerating and re-popping them in the oven worked just perfectly.  :)  I'm happy, the ladies are happy.

So, now I'm sitting here - just waiting for "The Playboy Club".  I'm excited.   2011 autumn shows are actually pretty good.   Gone is the ridiculous hospital and police, private eye dramas of the early 2000's and (hopefully) slowly fading away is the "Let me show you what I can do" reality tv crap.. and "IN" is the 60's.   I really enjoyed 'Pan Am' last night.  These shows remind me alot of "American Dream" and "The Wonder Years"  which I loved!   So, I'm happy.
Since, however, this isn't a tv blog.. I digress...  the food is digested and I sit here with my furkids and my cereal snack, ready to enjoy the rest of my night.

Til next blog post, kids.   Happy eating!

Music Enjoyed while cooking and writing this blog:
Poe - Dolphin -

Garbage - The World Is Not Enough -

Natalie Imbruglia - Leave Me Alone-

Frou Frou - Breathe In -

Plan B  - Backside Grind 2 -

Lush - For Love -

Siouxsie and The Banshees - Arabian Knights -

Walt Disney's Lion King - I Just Can't Wait To be King -

Massive Attack - Karmacoma -

Air - Le Solieil Est Pres De Moi -

Gotan Project - Epoca -

Charles Webster- The Gift Of Freedom -

Delerium - Silence -

Moby - Isolate -

Current Craving - A pot pie!!

Current Motivation - a muddy heathen.  ;)

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