Friday, September 30, 2011

Take a break with me - Food Survey :)

I decided to take a short break from food blogging to bring you two things.. first, my doppleganger in a cartoon - Thank you to my pal, Monique Hypes, of Art By Monique Hypes.   Monique is brilliant and talented!  Thank you, Mo!  Look at me over there - I've always wanted to be a cartoon.  Now I just have to record a cartoon voice for myself.  ;)

And now, I want to share with you a fun food survey, then you can see what I eat everyday, so - just to kill some time.   Take it with me!  :)

Sheri's Fun Food Survey

Fast food place: Chipotle

Pop: Vegan Raspberry Cream Soda (made by moi)

Brand of bottled water: Nada, I drink from my faucet. :)

Gum or mints: Spearmint Freshen Up gum

Type of nuts: Almonds - Specifically in Justin's Maple Almond Butter

Type of chocolate: Lulu's Raw Chocolate

Sports drink: I do not drink sports drinks! 

Type of chips: Do pretzels count?  What about popcorn?!

Breakfast bread: I very seldom eat bread at breakfast, but the bread I DO eat is Ezekiel Bread, or my own that I've baked

Flavor or taste: I'm a salty girl. :) 



What do you absolutely refuse to eat?  I will never - ever -  eat duck of any kind, specifically the very puppy dog like - Muscovy duck.  Never, never.

The most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?  One time, several years ago, I'd made some mixed mushroom casserole... it wasn't smelling all that great but the ex wife and I decided to eat it anyway.  I will not lie, it's the worst thing I'd ever made and eaten.  Bleh.  We threw it away and went out to eat.  lol.

The longest you have gone without food or drink?  Food - 24 hours.  I can't go very long without water.

Do you watch cooking or food shows?  Hello, Alton, Nadia!

Do you know how to cook?  Nope - no, not at all.

When did you learn how to cook?  Probably when I was very young.  Mom always had us in the kitchen, helping to do things.

What did you last eat for breakfast? A bowl of raw fruit topped with mondo plops of nut butter.

What did you last eat for lunch?  That would have been yesterday.  An avocado and tomato sandwich with garlic, and a banana for dessert.

What did you last eat for dinner?  Mac and Chreese with veggie riblets. (This is my favorite comfort dinner!)

Would you rather eat alone, with strangers, or with friends and family?  Bring on the peeps!

Would you say you have good table manners?  absolutely not! lol

If you have pets, do they ever get table scraps?  Sigh, yes.

Ever eaten dog, cat, other animal food?  I would have to say yes - if I'm making the animals food - I usually try it, unless there's an animal IN it.  ;)

First thing you usually feel like eating when you wake up? Fruit

Do you chew gum? very seldom

Health food or junk food?  How about just ANY food.  I love food.

Are you overweight?  Not anymore. ;)

Are you allerigic to any kind of food? Strawberries (BIG SIGH) I love them dipped in chocolate.

What's your favorite pizza topping?  tomatoes, pineapple and Daiya!

Organic or not?  I eat a mixture of both.

Are you vegetarian?  Vegan.  No meat, cheese, dairy, eggs, or any animal products. :)

Favorite Food?  The avocado.

Vegetable of the Year?  Corn - popped.

Ever eaten spam? I really doubt this.

Music listened to while writing this blog:   "The Doctors"  (I hate this show, I don't know why I'm watching it.   I like it even less now that that woman is on it... what's her name?  Jillian Michaels?  Ugh.)

Current Motivation - A dirty house that needs to be cleaned..

Current Craving - a clean house!  ;)

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