Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the corner of "who's who" and "what's not to like"

You’ll find I speak of various people in this blog and you’ll sit and wonder – who ARE those masked women/men?   It’s ok, I’m here to clear up your curiosity and set the record straight.   Some people, may not be mentioned as much – but there are some people that just won’t let me stop talking about them! As such, they'll most likely make their way into this blog - via 'Vlog' or photos, just you wait and see.  :)

I may add to this as life goes on..  so, just keep an eye out.
Mentioned here – in no particular order:

Mommy – (That’s my mom, it’s a given)
Daddy – (Obviously – my dad)
The Sister – (My sister, Vicki)
Brother-In –Law – (My sister’s husband, Rodger)
Neiceage Weisage – (Megan, my neice)
The Brother – (Scott, my brother of whom I never see)
Mini Me – (My neice Alli – of whom I never see)
Sister-in-Law – (Chris, I never see her either)
My Baby Mama – (Lori, one of my best friends.. she’s my baby mama.  Since I have no children, she’s given me the honor of sharing her own – and Lotus has my eyes, so it works. ) 
Lotus – (My baby)
Corinne – (My baby’s sister)
Ben – (Baby Daddy and Super Chef himself)
Christy – (My best friend since my adult life began)
Elena – (Christy’s baby)
Laura D-C (The third part of the Christy/Sheri/Laura witches coven)
Kundalini – (The one behind the wheel)
Ourielle – (My guardian angel)
Disney – (My obsession)
Laura Alice – (My lovely pal several hours from here, and avid Alice in Wonderland fan)
Mad Hatter Marilyn – (guacamole superstar and other half of Laura Alice)
AK – (The psuedo supporter "you should really use word press or help me clean my basement instead of writing!" person.)
Sandra – (The other half of AK)
Orbie Alexander – (My oldest son)
Sanchez Esposito – (My middle son)
Ichabod Octavius– (My youngest son, and son of Lucy (or Lucifer as she’s sometimes referred))
Sabrina Delahoya – (My oldest daughter)
Pippen Louise – (The peachy mama, daughter)
Lucy "Lucifer" Ann – (My grey mama, daughter)
Bella Lucille – (Pippen’s daughter – and my tabby girl)
Josephine Elizabeth – (my biggest brat of them all – other kid to Lucy)
Grandma Grein – (My consultant and guardian angel)
"Mooie Kip"  – (the one I crush on)
Co-Workers (Obvious much?)
Aunt Linda – (my auntie on my mom’s side, I have a feeling she’ll be mentioned)
The Bold and The Beautiful – (Something I make time for)
Running – (Something I do frequently)
Kundalini Yoga – (Something I do daily)
“The Veganizer” – (ME!!)
Guinea Pigs – (you guys!)

I hope to have some “Un-Celebrity” chefs join me in the kitchen here and there sharing recipes with me, so keep a lookout.. you might find yourself in here at some point, whether you’re an un-celebrity chef or a guinea pig.. I’ll add as we go!

Current Music: An Ocean Spray Commercial

Current Craving:  Nothing!  I'm full of food!

Current Motivation:  The people and things above

A big ol group of us at my neiceage weisage's
birthday party, Aug 1, 2011
Left: Me, My Sister, Miranda: Megan's bestie.
Right side:  Rachel: another bestie, Megan - Neicage Weisage.

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