Friday, August 19, 2011

Yes, Im blonde now because you wouldn't take me for a ride on the motorcycle..- or - the prep for blonde brownies.:)

Toll House Blondies
So, it's time to get ready for the blondies!

My research began with a recipe from the Toll House Cookie Cook Book - an adaptation of blonde brownies - vegan style will now be named 'Bleached Blonde Brownies'.

Most of my research came in the form of trying to decide if I was going to attempt to process my own butter.   I won't be attempting that with BBB because I need to buy Soy Lecithin, and as far as I know, you can't buy that at Kroger!  Maybe next time.   It's very different from churning your own butter, however. I can remember going and getting a nice carton of heavy whipping cream and whipping it to death til I had a thick block of butter and a nice skim of buttercream which I'd use for pancakes the next morning..OH how I thought I was being so healthy!  I could have just went and bought the Land O' Lakes and saved my time....but nooooo, I thought that the nice pint of 'Meijer heavy whipping cream' was better for me.  Lol, live and learn I guess.

The next part of my research is really for the sister- but for the most part everyone is going to benefit from this research.  Thank you to the sister, btw for eeking out the WW points for these for those of you on WW!  I found that Bleached Blonde Brownies are SIGNIFICANTLY LESS in EVERYTHING (yes I said everything, peeps) than these fashionable Toll House Blondies.
(Btw if this woman on The Price Is Right wins her showcase, she gets a year supply of Chinese Laundry shoes... OMG!  I need to get on the Price Is Right!!)  Ok... sorry.  Btw  she WON!

Check it - each pan makes 12 servings:
BBB - 1 serving                                THB - 1 serving
Calories:             63                                     142
Carbohydrate:  18g                                   24g
Protien:               4g                                      8g
Cholesterol:       0mg                                 28mg
Fat:                     1.5g                                    7g
Fiber:                    8g                                    8g
WW Pts:                2                                      4

Holy Moley Cakesters!

I was impressed.. no wonder I can still have my brownies and eat them too!!  Er, yeah something like that.

So, I've sucessfully veganized the recipe and written it in my trusty new (with cutie patootie lil heart shaped lock) journal.. and even paired it with a drink!  (a nice tall cold glass of almond milk, of course!)

I've gone to the grocery store.  I've prepped the dishes and my grandma Grein's Kitchenaid (which I inherited!) and it looks like I've got Sunday in the works for this little baby to make her pretty little bleached blonde debut into the world.  I don't want to make it too early.  We're celebrating mom's birthday on Monday so I think it's too early to fiddle with it tomorrow.. besides, I have to clean up my house and keep an eye on Bella Lucille.. who might have to go to the vet if she doesn't straighten up! :(    

And, what's with old men?  As I was unloading my groceries today a cute lil old fellow stopped me on my street to tell me what a cluster *whisper* all this road work was.  Everytime he would hint at cussing he'd whisper it.  He told me that he grew up over here and can't believe how crazy all the road work was... I don't know if the Cards are playing this weekend at GABP or not, but he was in full St. Louis Cardinals gear.. so either he was a super-fan, or ready for the game. 
And speaking of ready - I'm ready for fall!

I'll have a full post for you on Monday (possibly Tuesday) evening of the beginning, middle, end and outcome! Until then...  enjoy your weekend!

Music enjoyed while writing this blog:

Mea Culpa - Enigma:
Moments In Love - Art Of Noise:
Beyond This Moment - Patrick O'Hearn:

Current Craving:  The vegan chocolate birthday cake from Whole Foods for my baby mama that, myself, my baby mama, my baby, AK and Sandra are going to indulge in tonight!
Current Motivation:  Just to get this written out and forgotten about!

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