Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Recipe 94 - Bing, Bang Boom!

Oh Londontown, you tease me so.  I think the whole 'baby being born on the 10th' was a hoax to get us all excited.  Mark my words, the new princess will be born closer to this weekend, when we're in another country.
Well played, Kate.. well played.

Okay, so we're moving on.  We did our best at British pub grub this weekend with the ever popular 'bangers and mash' and here's what happened.

I started out with tofurky 'sausages'.   I had NO TIME to make out sausages from scratch.. (besides, I'm on a european vacation, who does that?)  The only other thing that was manufactured here was my no-beef bouillon cube.. and I promise there was no crying when chopping those onions.

As I waited for royal news, I started ou my 'mash'.  These mashed potatoes were made a bit differently than I would regularly make potatoes, in that I used mustard powder in them.  (It's what the authentic mash recipe called for).  I thought it might be strange, but it was workable.

Enter the 'bangers' and gravy.  (And don't look at the pot lid with the mash in them that my ex wife left in the oven one day while preheating it for cookies.. I can't believe I still use it, even though it was melted to heck and back.).    This was super easy.  I didn't really even have time to think about it.   I got to use red wine in my gravy.  There's just something about a red wine reduction that makes my tastebuds sing.  MmMMm..

End result:
 It was good..  I'm still not too keen on tofurky anything.. and this didn't fix the idea.  I should have used light life, but they didn't have it at the store.  Better yet, I should have just crafted bangers on my own.. but whatever.
I waited all night with a headache and a coughing fit to see if that little Princess would ever be born.   Obviously, I finally went to bed.

That's fine, Kate.. we're out of Britain as of today and moving on..
Grab a stein and maybe a cuckoo clock..

Keep it tuned.. I saved a seat in 'vegan' class for you!

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