Monday, July 22, 2013

A German history lesson - Recipe 95

It seems like it's more of a Cincinnati thing, but as is said, it was brought over from Germany.   So, our tour of Germany couldn't be complete without a visit to a German grandmothers recipe.  Cukoo clock and all.

So, it starts with oats.  Steel cut oats.  This is one of those things that makes it 'set' in cold.  And it seems like a lot.  But this recipe goes a long way.  I even halved it, and got two large loaves!  While my oats were cooking I set up for the rest of the stuff because, well, it was going to be a while.

According to the recipe, it's supposed to have ground beef and sausage, plus some onion and spices.  So, I chopped onions, got out the spices and mixed up my two 'meats' together so that when it was time I could throw them in.   I even got some cleaning done while I was at it!  Go me!  (Although my new vacuum QUIT on me!  Any German grandma out there have any tips on that?)

After some time had passed, I was to add the rest of those ingredients to the thickened oats.   So, in true tradition, that is what I did.. and continued to let it cook over the stove for what seemed like forever.  I had my own dinner planned, this wasn't going to get eaten until the next day.

After oodles of time had passed on the stove, it was time to test the stuff to see if it would set.   It was suggested that I take a spoonful out and put it in the fridge for 5-10 minutes, so.. I did.  And, it did - which signaled to me it was time to put the stuff in pans.  My bread pans seemed perfect for this little endeavor. So, I covered them and went on about my work.  I'd see them, "tomorrow".

When morning came, I was fairly busy with things, so really - this stuff was quick and easy and just what I needed.   All I had to do was turn the loaves over, cut and 'fry' in a pan, and I had a hearty breakfast.   This one was accompanied with berries and maple syrup.  I had some yesterday morning to of which I covered with runny 'vegg', which also was - amazing.  What will I do with the rest?  I don't know, but it's really versatile - and pretty darn yummy.  Not sure what I was waiting for to try this?

All in all my German Goetta has pleased me.. and we can now move on.  Where will our last European tour take us?   What do we have in store?

It's time to hop on the plane, we're not done just yet...
You'll see me over there - I'm in the t-shirt with the four leaf clover on it. ;)

Let's get a move on!!

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  1. Have you tried the Vegan Goetta at Brewhouse in Walnut Hills? It was just brought to my attention and now I must go try it. You and the dear Mary Beth should join me!