Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recipe 68 - Pad Kee Mao

Well - am I talking Thai yet or what?  Not really - but who cares?

Thai month is in full swing in the RoVL kitchen and we're not stopping!   Not even for all these sickies happening around me.  We'll kill those viruses with spice!

So, what of Pad Kee Mao?

Well, let's talk about this.  I've never tried my hand at Thai food.  I've only ever had it once, and it was a coconut soup - (which was to die for).  So, you have to start somewhere!  I started easy.   And I'm not joking, this dish was really easy.
I had to start with a fish sauce and veganize it, along side an oyster sauce.   The two were very different.  One, salty - the other tangy sweet.  They both complimented each-other very well.   
I made those early on.
After my house started smelling like an asian eatery I started to get excited about eating it.
I allowed time to pass though, because eating dinner at 3pm wasn't really on the menu.  lol

Around 5, I started removing my ingredients from their places and prepped out my pans.. when lo-and-behold --

a knock on my door.

I - had - a dinner guest! And a complete surprise dinner guest at that!
I welcomed her in - and started to stress out about my cooking.  Starting with the rice noodles first, then moving on to the veggies, 'chicken', 'eggs', sauce and spices.
Time elapsed a bit like this:

It all took very little time - and in no time flat, I was putting the Thai basil on the top of this conglomeration of noodles and sauce.
(see, I have fresh Thai basil from my dinner guest's summer garden!)

Ok, so the un-vegan meal looks like this...

Comparable to mine above of which I forgot to dress up with sushi?  Sigh.

Dinner guest - aptly impressed.  Said it was amazing.
I thought it was pretty good myself.  A little salty for my liking (which is odd because I LOVE salt).
But I have left-overs and they're about to go away soon.
In my tummy.
Bye bye Pad Kee Mao.


So, what's next in Thai-land? (hehee)
You'll just have to wait and see what this 'shrimp-o' has in her head.
Keep it tuned.. you'll find out - tomorrow.

Music enjoyed while cooking: 
Jen's jabbering.

Current Craving: 
Vegan salisbury steak

Current motivation:
Getting rid of a headache.

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