Thursday, December 27, 2012

Recipe 67 - an epic mini!

Well folks, we're coming to the end of the world...
No, sorry that was last week.

The end of the year!  Can you believe it?  Already!   Just last year I was with the bff who was not vegan yet, and her posse making Disney drinks!   We had so much fun!

Not only that, Jan 1st is my 2 year veganniversary!   I'm stoked.  Since I started this blog not only have I gotten some of my family members to eat a little bit vegan, but I've also gotten a few people near and dear to me to trade in their animal consumption hats for full on veganism!   Yay me!  Yay them!  <3

Before the year ends, we have to make another plea to farm animals (basically I call this the 'gift yourself some farm animals' month)
So, how am I going to do that?

Let's talk about horses!
I know I have talked about them before.. remember last year when they legalized horse meat?  BIG SIGH.  I did a 'horse burger' in honor of them by making a veggie burger out of everything a horse would eat!  Yes it had grass, carrots, oats.. my goodness!  :D

So, since we've talked about the big horsies, let's discuss little horsies.
There are a couple of great miniature horse rescues out there if you google them.. but I saw the pic here and had to send you to THIS ONE.

I love horses, we all know this.  It's not a secret. 
I even got to meet a mini horse last weekend.  OMG cute! A lil pig though.. but he was SOOO CUTE!

Anyway, let's learn a little about horses and why we shouldn't eat them.  (And please remember if it's in italics it's not always my views, just edumication folks.)

"Horses are pets, companions, and sporting animals...they are not livestock. Americans don't eat horses, and we shouldn't be supplying those who do. Horses are a spiritual icon of the West and our heritage. It is cruel and inhumane to slaughter a horse. Let's address these one by one:
Some horses are pets, companions, and sporting animals. If the owner chooses, they have every right do determine how, and under what circumstances that horse is put out of its misery, and how to respectfully dispose of, or utilize, the carcass.
The simple fact of butchering a horse for food is cruel and inhumane. Regardless of the long-standing humane methods of slaughter legislation, and universal government inspection of meat processing plants. Regardless of the handling of live animals, the veterinarian approved methods of killing. Regardless of the fact that once death has occurred—quickly, and as painlessly and stress-free as possible—all sensation ends, and that what happens to the carcass is no longer an issue of animal welfare. Regardless of all of this, there is a very vociferous, well financed, and heavily orchestrated effort to legally establish that the simple fact of killing a horse for human food is cruel and inhumane in and of itself. If they can legally establish this, then those of us who make a living with livestock know that it is easy to assert that all animal agriculture is cruel and inhumane, and to destroy our way of being and our culture utterly and completely...this is what HSUS/PETA has said is their ultimate objective"

Mind you, I think butchering any animal for anyone's pleasure is inhumane.   If I want pleasure, I'll do it the PLEASING way - which is not murdering a live animal.

I'll get off my soap box and talk about what's on it's way to my table.

For Christmas, Jen got me a mini pie baker.  (How cute is that?)
So, it's only fitting that I, well, make some pies!!!

On NYE of this year, we'll be snacking on mini cherry and apple pies from the mini pie baker (2 each).  And YES they'll be served warm with a little vanilla coconut milk ice cream on top.

So, let's do some numbers:
And we'll do this as a serving - because they logically serve one.

Apple Pie                              Dwarf Apple Pie

Calories - 512                                 272                                         
Total Fat - 26.7                               8.4
Cholesterol -  31                              0
Sodium -   241                                153                     
Total Carbs - 67.8                           45.4
Fiber - 5                                            3
Protein - 3.6                                    2.4
WW Pts -  14                                   7                                      

Cherry Pie                             Elven Cherry Pie

Calories - 490                                234                                         
Total Fat - 20                                 7.2
Cholesterol -  28                               0
Sodium -   340                              172                     
Total Carbs - 70.2                          42.5
Fiber -  8                                          2
Protein - 5                                        3
WW Pts - 13                                    7                                      

So, my NYE afternoon will be spent figuring out this new pie baker, and making a pie crust.  And dinner is going to be epic (but I'm not sharing that with you, I'm sharing it with someone else) ;)

I guess I should find my NYE finery (cuz I have that stuff) and get a menu set up for the evening.  Suppose I'll ring in the New Year with another bite of pie?

Keep it tuned here to find out in 2013!
Have a safe NYE folks!  And make it magical.

Music enjoyed while blogging:
The music inside my head (wow I miss my laptop)

Current Motivation:
Creating a MAJOR YUM NYE dinner complete with dessert!

Current Craving:
A veggie burger and fries with mustard and extra pickles..

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