Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Recipe 66 - Part two of Christmas Day Food Ideas - Fried Tempoose

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, if that is what you celebrate!
I for one had a very nice day with the family, and then came home to nurse out the rest of what seems to be a sinus type headache.
Regardless, let's talk about FOOD !

Earlier in the week I made grasshopper cupcakes for my baby mama, it was our annual holiday get-together, and we not only enjoyed Chipotle and lights, but we also enjoyed some nice peppermint cupcakes later on.
Also, I gave some to my brother and his lady friend, as well as some fudge that I made for the masses.  (I'll not forget the phone call from my boss in which she said "OH MY GOD!"  I answered, well, you got Sheri, but I'll answer to God.)
;)  She was in love with the one cookie, I nor anyone else cared for, that I made.. the peppermint chocolate swirl cookie of which I veganized from an Alton Brown recipe.
Later in the weekend, I helped super cookie woman to 'not bake' any cookies, and kinda sorta bake a carrot cake which never got all the way finished.  We worked so hard.  On top of that I got to meet some very pretty horses and take a mini trip to the new Jungle Jims!  That was the weekend. 

Then, it came.  Christmas eve.
goodies for santa and reindeer!

I'd decided to make more peppermint cupcakes (and I'm glad I did because my dad actually wanted those, instead of the plethora of other non-vegan sweets at our Christmas table)  and then I worked on the Tempoose.

Why am I calling it Tempoose?
Remember, I'm reliving a fried Christmas 'goose' w/o the goose.  Please don't eat the goose!

Now, I've done this a number of times, so this wasn't new to me.  I finished my last cupcake and started in on making flour and batter and cutting up my favorite flax tempeh.

Dip, dip, fry... sizzle
Dip, dip, fry... SIZZLE!

I wanted some then, but I couldn't have any.  So, I settled for a Gardein 'chicken' steak and some mac and teese.

The next day - food was first.   My mother halved out clean boiled potatoes for me to mash with a little coconut milk and broth, and I made up my gravy, heated up some veggies and re-heated my tempoose.

And wow was it good.
And so was the cupcake.

And all in all, we had a good day.
'cept I didn't get Once Upon A Time S1.  No worries, I have a birthday soon!

But look at how excited I am for these pants.

Hee.  They're comfy too.. I have them on right now!

Ok, we're on our last leg of holiday baking and I've got something mini in the oven for NYE!
You gotta wait and see.. I'm making use of a Christmas gift.
But - what animal will we be saving this time?

Hold on to your mini Shetlands.. I'll be back to discuss it with you, later!

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A heater

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Wondering why everything is so quiet during a blizzard

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Good Lord, nothing.  Bleeech.

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