Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No, I'm not proposing. Recipe 53 - Italian Wedding Soup

Ooh my lovely vegan (and some not) friends.. you'd better get enough of my cooking this week to last you the next three weeks!
After this, my kitchen is going on Hiatus until the 2nd week in October.

Why? Why you say??
Well, my weekends are about to get busy.

Next weekend I'm in prep for a my Florida trip, not only that I have a Baseball date with the girl and her family.  That doesn't mean, however, I don't already have a tried and true recipe to tell you about during the next week that will go in my recipe book!

The weekend after - you'll be cheering for me as I run in the Tower Of Terror 10 miler at Walt Disney World, Saturday September 29th.  If you're in the area - come out and yell for me! There will be NO cooking that weekend.. but if you're lucky, I'll blog some Disney food!

The weekend after that I have to recover, however I do have another tried and true recipe to add to the blog that weekend too. 

So anyway - what's on the menu this week?  I'm not done yet!

Italian wedding soup.

Why you ask?

Why not? I say!

Let's learn a little about this soup, shall we!?

"Minestra Maritata is a traditional Neapolitan greens and meat soup, which owes its name to the fact that the ingredients go well together -- 'si maritano bene', i.e. they are well married. It's also a very old dish; some food historians say it derives from the Spanish olla podrida (a liquid stew with many meats, link in Spanish) while others say it derives from Roman traditions. The Italian recipes for Minestra Maritata I have seen call for a variety of meats, which are boiled, shredded, and returned to the pot with the greens. The American versions of the recipe often call for meatballs.
 Minestra Maritata is no longer that popular in Naples, because of the long list of ingredients called for, and because it is heavy by modern standards."

How nice.

Suffice it to say - any person who happens to be victimized by my Italian wedding soup I guess isn't going to present me immediately with this little number.

(runs off crying for a moment)

Well anyhoo I guess I can live with that; as I dry my tears, let's do some numbers on this:

Traditional                                      Vegan
1 bowl                                            1 bowl
Calories -     190                                85
Total Fat -    7.7                                2.4
Cholesterol -  39                                 0
Sodium -  891                                   368                                                          
Total Carbs - 16                               12.2                                                                  
Fiber -    1.7                                       3.5
Protein -  13.8                                    6.3
WW Pts -   5                                       2

Okay, not so bad.
And it looks good too!

I bet I can make mine look yummier though.. and cruelty free!  yay!

I have no victims for this.  They're all too afraid they might have to buy me that ring up there.   So, I assume I'll be enjoying this all on my own.
No matter.  I don't have to impress me, or do I?

I'll leave myself and maybe others to ponder that as we take this second to the last week to travel thru Italy and veganize it.

Let's close for now and watch for the next post - sometime this weekend, shall we?  I've got a 'peace fest' to go to tonight.

Veni, vidi, vici... er, yah.


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Kids screaming.

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