Monday, September 10, 2012

And I'm still in love - Recipe 52 - Tiramisu

When the first bite garners the words: "OMG amazing!" And the girlfriend asks for just a tiny bit but then takes the first plate I make and eats the whole thing yumming it the whole way thru (and she's not a sweets person)  I know I've done good.

Pat me on my back for vegan tiramisu!

It started with baking the 'ladyfingers' which really didn't turn out as ladyfingers, but whatever.  They were more like rectangular cookies. Ladyfingers are traditionally spongebread cookies.  I've had em, they're good.  I've never made them before so I'm pretty impressed at how they turned out, although I had less than i should have, but whatever.

However, I SHOULD have started out with the vegan 'marscapone' considering it needed to sit for 2 hours (really probably overnight) to 'cream' up. Doesn't matter.. as soon as the first wave of cake went into the oven I was on that marscapone.
I (as I often do) licked off the spoon (before it went into the sink, not before it went back into the goo).  And was like - "um wow".   (That means yum.)  It's been a long time since I've made Tiramisu (let's say 13 years)  it's not been that long since I've consumed it though and yes, I 'spose I impressed myself.

Off to the chiller with that.

Then it was time to get my coffee (that was cooling) and cocoa ready. 

According to history, this dessert is not only soaked in coffee, but soaked in coffee + marsala wine.   ...I did not have marsala wine, but remembered the port that I'll never drink (heeesh).  And used it.  Mmm!  

Anyway - I had to get the 'cake' out to cut it and make it into those 'finger' type things.. then it had to go back into the oven to 'cookify'  (is that a word? spellcheck hasn't argued it with me.)

Time elapsed, music went on.. there was a catfight or two out on my deck.
I then started layering everything much like a lasagna.

Cookies soaked in coffee/wine, Cream, Cocoa, Chocolate shavings.. two sets of that.
Made two pans.

I let one set for about 5 hours before Jen and Drew had any.
I was a bit upset because it wasn't holding it's shape, but they both LOVED it, as did I.
I went to see this morning if the thing was still going to fall apart on me, and realized that I need to add into my recipe - to make this a day before because at this point it's now holding it's shape.
And I can't wait to eat more.


So what's next?
Here comes the bride.


Stay tuned.

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