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Recipe set 44 - Vegan Corndogs and Red White and Blue potato salad.

Hello Corn Dogs in a Pot

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Ok, next let's talk about a past veganization.
Normally, I'd be doing a regular one but two things are in my way.  1 - I need to chillax a little bit this month because of (as always) money issues, and #2 - my baby Lotus turns 4 this coming week and her party is this weekend.
I've made her cakes from day one, and as a proud sub mama, I want to share with you each creation up to this year (which I'll also share on my FB page on Saturday when I've finished.)
I give you my baby girl's cakes from Birthday 1 to 3.  :)  (and also a cake I made for her big sis, Rin).
Lotus' original 1st birthday cake (all vegan).
Lotus' 'Test' 1st Cake (all vegan)
Lotus' 2nd Birthday Cake (Kai Lan - not vegan)
Lotus' 3rd Birthday Cake (My Little Pony - not vegan)
Big sis Corinne's 8th Bday cake (Hello Kitty - not vegan)

I've never been a great decorator, but I do try to do my best.  That flag cake for the fourth - that wasn't my best, but I was hurrying.   No matter, let's get to a revisited veganization for 'all american picnic' month here at RoVL. :)

 So, last year (for Fathers Day at the Hoffman's I believe) I made vegan corndogs and red white and blue potato salad.
I wanted the corndogs to be cute - so I put them in a little flower pot and covered them in pink cellophane so they looked like little flowers.  I thought they were adorable.  They didn't get eaten (well I think maybe 3 out of 35 people ate them - there were some pretty 'fearful' meat eaters there.   My question is, why fear a plant food?  You eat veggies, right?  Geesh.  The potato salad went over better.. considering that wasn't mentoned that it was vegan.. only the corn-dogs.   If you don't tell someone.. they eat it. If you do, the panic.  What's the sense?

Ok, so no more picking on the Hoffmans.

I'd found that the ex really loved corn-dogs.  She would buy those Morningstar ones that are NOT vegan. (Morningstar has very little that IS vegan btw - kinda sucks, but I love their riblets).  So those were for her.  I got the vegan doggies, and created my own corn-dipping batter.  This was super easy.  I put them on skewers, fashioned up my flower pot and dipped them in, then fried them til they looked awesome.
So not only did they look awesome, but they tasted awesome too.. yum.  I'll make these again someday.  Just have to find my recipe again... which I have to do anyway!

The red-white-blue potato salad was fashioned fairly easy, cubed and boiled red-white- and blue potatoes (same kind I used for the fries last week) and then mixed up an awesome array of tofu spices and some liquids to create a mayo-worthy potato salad like substance.
It WAS a hit, it was gone.. i took none of it home - so yay for that one. (However I'd have taken the lot of it home if it had the words 'vegan' written on it, but I digress).

This veganization to me was a sensation.  The ex loved the corn-dogs so really that's all that mattered there since I'd made them for her anyway. 

And the numbers on these?  Let's look, shall we?

Original Corn-Dogs                                      Vegan Corn Dogs

Calories   280                                                   115
Total Fat   18                                                       3
Cholesterol 42                                                     0
Sodium  755                                                     269
Total Carbohydrate 21                                         19
Dietary Fiber  1.1                                              1.3
Protein   8.2                                                      2.9
WWpts –  8                                                         3

Original Potato Salad                                  Vegan Potato Salad

Calories   358                                                     193
Total Fat   20.5                                                    6.7
Cholesterol 170                                                     0
Sodium  1323                                                     387
Total Carbohydrate 28                                           30
Dietary Fiber  3.2                                                5.6
Protein    6.7                                                      4.2
WWpts –  9                                                         5

So, there you have it.. while you’re pondering these items, I’ll be making a birthday cake.. and for the most part (save for some décor) it’s going to be completely vegan because I really have nothing in my house to make anything UN-vegan anymore, nor do I plan to purchase anything of the sort..

So – I guess we don’t tell the guests.. but baby-mama and I know that even if we do – that means her and I get cake for a month!

Have a beautiful week all – and just wait for the veganization I have next week.. it’s another Cincinnati favorite.  Hold on “Great”ly to your cones!

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