Friday, June 8, 2012

Recipe set 39 - Tofegg Tarts and SunDrop soup

First I want to apologize for the smudgers in my photos!  But on to the blog.                             
So,  I sit here in the luxury of my screened in porch tonight, with my kids.. full as a tick (for now) watching them lay 'dead' on the ground.. Sanchez watching dillegently over his old ailing brother, and Lucy and Pippen just kinda laying there.  It's cute.  It's my life.  I sit here with pineapple juice and a bottle of Dasani, which is apparently in a 'plant bottle' says 30% plant based, and I cringe.  I can't figure out why the collaboration of those two words make my skin crawl, but, no matter - this is about my veganization.  
Tof-egg tarts, were fairly simple.  Had I felt fancy, I'd have put  them in real tart cups, however that would not have worked, considering I only own ONE tart cup, and I've used it to make wax tarts..  so I went for the cupcake pan instead.  However, because of that, they kinda ran over the side.. no matter though.. they still were lightly sweet and custardy just like they were supposed to be.

I do believe a skeeto is chewing on my sweet skin.. darnit.  Anyway, as I said, these were easy and I'm sure as they set in my frige over night they'll come out looking better than they do in my picture where they seem to be oozing over.. ah but they oozed with delight, so that's all that matters!

On to the next thing.. making 'egg' for egg drop soup.  That, well - it was a chore.  I didn't realize, til I was doing it that I was actually making tofu.  (of course I was, I was using soymilk and a seperation liquid..  this wasn't easy.. not really time consuming, but specific.  I had to use a thermometer and boil the right course of salt and water for coagulation.. you get the picture.   After you boil, stir, sit and strain, you're going to end up with a little somethin' that looks like this:

And we call that - tofu.   And now the lady on the deck next to me is filling my lungs, her grandson's lungs and my cats lungs with second hand smoke.. she's filling hers with first-hand smoke.  Awesome.
Of to make the 'broth'.. and the next time I make it, I won't put the sesame oil in it that it called for.. however this gelled up nicely, just like an egg drop soup broth should.  :)  I was pleased.  I added green onions  as well, and then dropped in my "egg" after the boil.

So, when I got this in the bowl and my tart on the plate, it all came together a bit like so: 
And with that, this lady is now filling the pit bull's lungs with smoke too.  Aren't we all lucky tonight?

Anyhoo... I paired all of this with the noodle fest I'd made for last weeks veganization, and had quite a little meal.  I actually enjoyed the noodles in the soup even more than just the soup alone, so when I packed it up, that's how I packed it.

All in all I was quite please with this dinner (and even more pleased that this lady is going back into her house).  It was a challenge, but challenges are good.  And with that, I think I might make myself some popcorn and go inside and chill because I am being chewed up by something out here.

What's next?  Oh just you wait and see - it's gonna be 'a cold one' in China!

Happy weekend!

Music enjoyed while cooking:
Subsonic Radio (of course)

Current Craving:
Popcorn (of course)

Current Motivation:
To prove you don't need eggs for tarts or soup!

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