Saturday, June 30, 2012

Recipe 42 - Vegogi and Tipsy Vegan Ducks In Love

Mmm Vegan Bulgogi.
This is a Go-gi, if I've ever had one.  It was not only simple, but so delicious that my victim even wanted the leftovers (and she's not a  'leftovers' kinda gal.)

My first issue though was that the store and I had a bit of a mix up.  I thought I was buying ground 'pork' when the label on the freezer section clearly said that's what it was.. but I got it home and noticed it was sausage.  (I spose that's made from 'pork' too - keeping in mind this is all vegan. I used the defrosted stuff this morning for sausage and biscuits.)  So, I turned to a staple I always have.  My trusty lite life 'steak' strips, and wow it did what it was supposed to.
This little meal was actually alot cheaper I'd wager than it's full meat counterpart.  I had pretty much everything in stock and didn't have to go get anything at the store.  (For a girl with a tight budget, this is a plus.)  So I followed the full meat directions to a tee  -  and as I was prepping this stuff
A freak storm blew out of no-where and I lost electric for a moment.
Anyway - it came back on and this goo was headed to the fridge.
While I waited (an hour) I think I did some office work, answered emails, etc.  Then I got my noodles and my setup prepped.

I'd decided we were going to eat this with organic ramen (no flavoring) And I'm glad for that, the mix of the 'meat' veggies and noodles was a wonderful concoction.. so here I am praying (as it's hailing) that I get this stuff done quickly.

I threw this baby in the pan, and started up my  noodles.. the girl texts  - - 'leaving in a minute'.  (she's a mile up the street).  I say - 'dinner's on the table in 5!'  (this is how quick and easy peasy this is!)   She gets here.. it smells like Japan.  ;)  Thunder ROARING outside, I say - "Are you hungry?"
Well, we dig in and it's OUTSTANDING!  Yummified and all the other words you want to use for fabuloso dinner for two on a very rainy (and we needed the rain) evening.

Um Yum!  So that was it, it was divine, it was heavenly, we both had seconds.  Jen asked for leftovers (which I'm shocked she wasn't having as a midnight snack later in the evening.)

Another part of this veganization was a little drink caled 'tipsy ducks in love' which I had come across via a Disney Food Facebook link a couple of weeks ago.  I was actually going to forgo the vegogi for the ducks, but the girl suggested I do them together.
I was also going to make these ducks UN-tipsy, but she also brought the bourbon that it called for, so they were - for lack of a better word, tipsy.

At the suggestion of one of my oldest and dearest BFF's I brewed the coffee and the green tea the day before and blended them with coconut cream, melted chocolate and bourbon, then topped them with rice whipped cream and voila - they were strong but yummy!  I have plenty of coffee and tea left over, i just might make myself a virgin one tomorrow.

But for now, Asian month at the Rainbows of Vegan Love kitchen is over, and we're segwaying into 'All American Favorites' month.  However, I'm about to get cleaned up and head over to the Vegan Or Not kitchen for a veganized version of Dewey's Green Lantern pizza - because if you haven't heard yet, it's national vegan pizza day!
Also, I think I deserve a swim in that pool over there too - it's HOT!

Keep it tuned here this coming week to find out what's going to be cooking for All American Favorites month in the RoVL kitchen.  I'm only doing two physical veganizations in July, but I'll be revisiting some older veganizations that deserve a spot in my book.  I've got birthday cakes to make this coming month and that's going to delve alot of my time.
No matter - we can do it!

Hope you have a safe and cool Saturday night, and if you're a vegan (or even if you're not) enjoy some vegan pizza tonight!

Zhai Gen!

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