Monday, June 4, 2012

Recipe 38 - Vegan California Rolls - or "Sunshine" rolls

I'm telling you what.

I'm obsessed over these sushi rolls.  Literally, I could live off of them.
Not only that but I have now made a sushi chef into my girlfriend, which is fine, because she did a much more stellar job of rolling than did I.

Ok, also I know I promised a v-log, but I couldn't find my camera stand so it didn't happen.  Just deal with the pictures.. and drool.  (Or not if you don't like sushi, but I do NOT know how you wouldn't want to pop these into your mouth as a constant.)

So, Saturday night I went into the Vegan Or Not kitchen to do a little Japanese cooking.   I, of course with the vegan california rolls, and my brilliant non-vegan/vegan chef with Yakitori.   (Which, omg yum).

Anyway - for some reason I was rather jumpy that night.  I even hollered at the dogs to hush it up when I walked in.. (which is quite unlike me).   I found that my seaweed was a little worse for wear and I had to go buy more.. which was ok, it gave the sticky rice some time to do it's thing.   Anyhoo..

As you can see, once I got back from trusty ol' Kroger (and many thanks to my girl for prepping my sushi rice for me while I was gone).  The time was ready.  I had my vegan crab swimming in cream cheese and the girl cut up all my veggies for me, and I was ready to go..
Or so I thought.

Leave it to me to put the veggies on the wrong way..  lol.  There is NO WAY that roll would have rolled up the way I had those veggies on there... no way in Japan.

So, I had to reconvene the things and change it up, which was ok.. however, I was still rather jumpy.

So, once I had those babies on correctly, I was able to make it into a roll.. which was less of a pain than I thought it was.  The most painful part was that darn sticky rice.
I have this issue with having sticky stuff  on my hands and that stuff just would NOT go away at all.
No matter.. it turned out ok, and I had the girl sharpen a knife for me so I could slice up my roll.. which you'll see momentarily.. but not before Jen tried her hand at an 'inside out' roll (sticky rice on the outside, seaweed on the inside).

The steady hand of the woman I love..  she made them practically perfect, and went on to make more the next day.  Now, I can't get enough of these things..  she did make hers sans crab, so she just had a veggie roll.. but yum as ever.

You can even see some of her inside-outs here in this mashup of both of our sushi's

Now, in her blog you'll read all about the Yakitori she made as she's also going to attempt the non-vegan version to go with it for her dinner, tonight.  Keep an eye out for that one, or like her blog on Facebook to get the inside scoop.

So, for dinner we had Yakitori, Chow Mein noodles (which I threw together and oh my - those were good) and sushi...
And the proof:


So this weekend, 'Asian' week continues.. have you heard the word 'egg'?  Well, we're about to egg it up.  Keep it tuned, details are coming.

Til then!  Happy eating.

Music enjoyed while cooking:
Jen talking to me, Drew's occasional in and out chats, dogs whining and Chiana meowing.

Current Craving:
More sushi!

Current Motivation:
Turning Japanese!


  1. I come up with songs while I'm cooking but sometimes listen to music too. A few years ago, I did my own version of California rolls and if I can find how to put up the picture on my blog, maybe I will. I like Vegan food and ate my veggies tonight, but I like fast food of course.

  2. That's cute, Scott! :) What is your blog? I'll follow it.