Friday, August 26, 2011

The cluck and the moo and the everything in between.

Feeling a bit stressed today...boohlahh.

Anyway - -

Good Ol Cinci Freedom
I just love local celebrities, don't you?
I've decided that this weekends recipe is going to be dedicated to a local celebrity and one of the lovely ladies of 'feather' who is now living on the same farm as she did.  But who am I speaking of?   Cincinnati Freedom!! Who else?
Although Cinci Freedom has passed on, she was still a staple of talk here in the Cincinnati area for a short time.  I believe she actually made an appearance at a Reds game as well. Do any of you remember this?   Cow love!

Along the same lines - I am dedicating part of this recipe to Fiesta the chicken as well, a fellow 'Farm-Mate' of Cincy Freedom at The Farm Sancutary in New York.
Although not local, it's important to know that these animals do need our help.  The Farm Sanctuary is very dear to my heart.. I make sure to donate at least yearly (Usually around Thanksgiving I donate to a couple of very happy turkeys and make a recipe in their names for our family get-togethers!) 
lil miss 'Fiesta'

So, without further ado - this weekends recipe is going to be called:
Cincy's "Freedom tastes good" Vegan Stew in Fiesta's "Party on" Bread Bowls!
The bread was adapted from "The Fresh Loaf" Sourdough Bread Bowl Recipe.  The Stew was adapted from Ms Paula Deen's Southern Beef Stew Recipe - 'ya'll'  ;)   My Guinea Pigs? - Well, my sister and my mom again.. although I think my sister might be scared of the bread bowl.  I'm hoping the neicage will be around to have a bite too!   And maybe daddy (Mr. 'there's no fiber in milk' - {inside joke}) himself will have some bread.  We'll see!

My biggest research here was that I promised myself I was not going to buy all the 'fake meat' products and anything already pre-made from the store.  Sometimes, with certain things, this might be an option - but right now, it's not for me... so the hardest thing I'm about to do with this is make fake 'beef'.

I have such a busy weekend ahead that my plans to be shoulder deep in foodstuffs will be all weekend and then some!  Tonight (after tomato pickin with mommy for tomorrows juice canning experience)  I will be making fake beef.  Tomorrow - while the tomatoes are cooking down to make the heavenly tomato juice that my baby mama LOVES, I'll be making Fiesta's bread bowls, by hand tvym.. knead, rise, punch, knead, rise........   That being said I still have to make room for toning exercise, kundalini, a five mile jaunt and a cleaning.   Woah is meeeeeeeeeeee!!  I still have to cook this stew sometime Sunday too! 
   Next weekend may be just as busy... but let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?
So - research finds that the nutrition information is as follows and once again, thanks to 'The Sister' for figuring out the Weight Watchers Points on this.

Nutritional Info:
Cincy's Freedom Stew                   Paula Deen's Beef Stew
1 Cup                                                         1 Cup              

Calories:              140                               222
Carbohydrate:       24g                            20g
Protien:                   7g                              14g
Cholesterol:           0mg                        35mg
Fat:                         3g                             10g
Fiber:                    4.5g                          3.5g
WW Pts:                  4                                6

Fiesta's Party On                 The Fresh Loaf's Sourdough
Bread Bowl - 1 bowl             Bread Bowl - 1 bowl

Calories:                     284                        400
Carbohydrates:           34g                      42g
Protien:                       24 g                      25g
Cholesterol                  0mg                       2g
Fat:                            5.4g                          7g
Fiber:                         1.3g                      2.0g
WW Points                   7                            8

It's lookin' good!   (I think)  now, hopefully I can do Ms. Freedom and Ms Fiesta prouder than a moo and a cluck!
And I've got too much to do today than to sit here and idley blog... just wait though.
You'll hear more when I'm complaining at some point this weekend that I'm 'bored'. :P

Music enjoyed while writing this blog:  Dr. Oz.
Current Craving:  I plead the fifth
Current Motivation:  Loving farm animals. <3

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