Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My scrambled veggs bring all the girls to breakfast..

Perfect Duo
Hey all you wondeful fans out there.   How have you been?
I just had the pleasure of trying out the new Follow your Heart Vegan Egg.  So - that's why I'm coming to you.  That, and I just really felt the need to start blogging again.  I know I say this, then fall off the other side of my cloud, but I really need to try.  I make some awesome stuff every day that really needs to be noticed.. (toot toot my horn).

Vegg Scramble
So, a few months back, you may remember that I tried the new 'Vegg Scramble' created by the marvelous Rocky Shepard with his revolutionary vegan 'egg', The Vegg.  I had high hopes for it.  I absolutely love the vegg egg yolk, I would not even suggest a different substitute to anyone, but.. the scramble left a lot to my imagination.  It was weird, cakey, almost bisquicky.  I tried to love it, I tried.  I did different things with it, seasoned it, changed up consistencies - but after my last tablespoon was gone, I never purchased another.

 Enter - the new "Follow Your Heart" vegan egg!   I received my little 'egg' carton yesterday, and along with it, another container of 'Vegg' vegan egg yolk.  For one, because I use the stuff like crazy, and for two - because I was about to mash up the two best vegan egg products out there, in the morning (this morning).

So - this happened.  Bleary eyed, 6:45 AM (sorry the pics are a bit dark, I only
had one light to work with).
I opened up the little carton, and found some tips, (which I admit, I didn't even read), and on the back was a recipe for something - which I'll try later.  So, sucking down lemon water I get out the measuring cup. Again, here I am half asleep and I measure the stuff out in the cup (dumb).  I have to put it in a bowl so I can measure out my 'ice cold' (I think there's a trick to the reason it's supposed to be ice cold) water.

 So there are the ingredients - however, what you DON'T see is the 1/2 tbs vegg powder I added into the follow your heart egg.  Upon watching a blog on this FYHVE yesterday from Rabbit Food Grocery (The place I bought it and one of my favorite stores in Austin), they were saying it was a bit bland and even though it had the eggy texture it wasn't as eggy strong as the vegg - so - fixed that.  If I'm going to eat vegan scrambled eggs (we've talked about this, I didn't go vegan because I didn't like the taste of this stuff)  I'm going to eat something that really TASTES like scrambled eggs.  I digress

There's what it looks like all mixed up together.  Water, 1/2 tbs vegg powder, and two tbs follow your heart vegan egg.   Nothing else at this point.  It was suggested I add onion or garlic powder, or even salt and pepper in the mix, but I opted for salt and pepper later on.  I'm also wondering how almond milk would fare in this aside from water.. ok doesn't matter right now.

Poured that baby in the pan on top of a little olive oil and immediately (unlike the vegg scramble) began to scramble.  The vegg you have to leave in the pan for several minutes before you can even attempt to scramble... and it's bready too.  This one fluffed up like no one's business the second it got hot.  Oh yeah - scrambled 'eggs' without the tofu!  Now we're talking!  If I never have to buy tofu again I won't miss it!

During this time I plated some fruit, sung a little tune and popped a piece of toast in the toaster. (It had 6 mins to cook, however I had to help it scramble once every minute). 
Then voila badabing.. done.  Put it on the plate, sat it down, salt/pepper - check.
I haz scrambled eggs again in my life!   They seriously tasted how I remember them to taste.
Now - my next goal - to get the 'soft boiled' egg thing down.  It's something I swear I'm going to master if it's the last thing I do!  Hard boiled and deviled - DOWN - soft boiled, next.
We'll see.  I've got some time.

Now, off to make Green Bean Casserole for my tribe at work for a Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow.

Til next time.  Peace, love and rainbows!

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