Monday, June 10, 2013

Recipe 89 - "Tuna" "Egg" noodle Casserole

Good evening, and good Jumble June to you! 
I hope your month is going by in a lovely fashion.

Today I want to shout out to my BFF a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  And this is where my jumble comes in.   I made this an ode to 'Christy's Crap'  (Which you'll understand more if you read the blog before this one.)  Regardless, let's get started.

So, my crap was a tuna/eggnoodle/veggie casserole... aka 'Tuna Noodle Casserole'.   Sometimes, that sounds foul to me.. until I actually eat it.   And I do have to say I was pleased.   

I took a few shortcuts with this, but I'll get to that.  The one shortcut I could NOT take was the one thing it seems that every tuna-noodle casserole has in it.   Condensed "cream of mushroom" soup.
It's all condensed!
Now, I've looked before for vegan cream of mushroom soup and I can honestly tell you, unless something has changed, the stuff does not exist.   It's strange to me, but It's not illogical I guess.   But whatevs.. it gave me a chance to do something I've never done before and make my own condensed COM soup..  and wow, fresh tastes amazing!

I started there.  I knew this was going to take me some time, and had I not had to go down to the wiles of Kentucky and West Virginia this weekend, I would have created my own egg noodles for this lil bugger.. but I grabbed the ol trusty 'no egg' noodle, noodles from the store.
Basically the creation of a condensed soup is boiling down the goods, and pureeing them with a little bit of liquid.  This is what I did.. then I made a roux and mixed it into the soup.  What came of it (about 40 mins later) was a very thick condensed cream of mushroom soup that anyone could have mistaken had come out of a can (only with more robust flavor).

Upon creating that, I started to boil my noodles and peas.  I had orignially decided I would use 'tempeh' as the 'tuna' here, but changed my mind to incorporate Match Meats crab instead.. only because I knew it would have the more fishy taste that I would need to create.   The result here was a stronger fishy taste than that of what I actually wanted, but it didn't take from the dish at all.

So, when everything was boiled, I drained it, threw my soup in, the rest of the cheddar Daiya I had (does anyone know what's going on with Daiya?  There seems to be a Kroger shortage), threw my 'imitation vegan fish' in there and mixed it up.

The last thing to go on was the breadcrumbs of which I had to soak in butter..  (why I don't know, but I did)  and scatter on.



And yum.   A staple 'crap' recipe that didn't taste like crap at all!  In fact, I had two helpings and I'm milking it out as we speak. 

This was an amazing jumble to me.

What's next?
Well.. creating an OM cake for my bff to get together with her on Thursday for a late bday celebration.  Making my daddy some twinkies for Fathers Day.. and in the middle there.. the most unfortunate, wildly popular,  tummy churn inducing jumble yet.

Let's just say - I've been in very close contact with what this next jumble comes from..
I'm glad I'll never eat the real thing again.

Stay tuned!

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Creating flea dip out of rosemary herb for my kitties and hunting down Josephine Reib.

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Mac and 'cheese'.

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