Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recipe 86 - Svegish Meatballs - IKEA style

Hello again my friends.. it's time for my next installation of my meaty May recipe concoction!

This past weekend I went all Swed on you and made meatballs.

So, my weekend started a bit like this:  I knew I had a ridiculous busy weekend ahead of me, (which actually ended up being not so busy - but we won't get into that).   I just got my hair cut on Friday afternoon (quite far from home, by my adopted neiceage Miranda) then had to go to the store.  My mom and I opted to peruse the new Jungle Jims in Eastgate - which was fine and handy because I wasn't sure I'd be able to find Lingonberry preserves anywhere else.  I'd been there before, but even so, I was still lost! 
Enter the fact that it was now becoming 5:30 pm and my cats had not eaten. (Usually that means they'll eat my face off when I get in).  I also had not done yoga (and that can render me waaaay off balance if I don't do it daily).    When I finally got home just before 6, and got the cats fed, and my yoga out of the way - it had almost turned into 8pm.  I was hungry, I knew if I didn't throw this together now I'd never get to it.. so, I made my best
'bork bork' and started cooking.

It was potatoes first, (because I'd decided I was going to MASH my potatoes, rather than boil as directed for a usual meal of IKEA swedish meatballs.  I even *shudder* peeled them! 

---takes a moment to breathe---

Then it was onto soaking bread and almond milk together to start the creation of 'meatballs'.  
This consisted of two different kinds of 'meat'.  Beef and Pork.  So, I improvised of course.   I did do half and half.  Mixed all the rest of the goodies into the milk and bread and started creating meatballs.

The recipe told me to make them 'rather large' - which sounded odd to me because the last time I had IKEA meatballs they were small, but whatevs.
I made them large.. they almost resembled silver dollar pancakes! 

Fried them up
Mashed the tatoes

Then started to create the 'gravy'... which didn't turn as brown as I feel it should have - but no matter, because if you asked me.. the GRAVY was the real winner in this dish.

When that was done, I piled my plate with potatoes, lingonberry preserves and my silver dollar meatballs and smothered them all with graaaavyyyyy!

What I ended up with was an amazing taste sensation, very much like the IKEA swedish meatballs I recall.

*I did the happy dance*
And although I look nothing like the Swedish Chef, I think that I have what it takes to be called 'the Vegish chef'.


Meaty May is now on it's last rung and I'm about to bring something to you which you'll find at most picnics, which is well - fitting, considering the holiday to kick off the un-official start of summer is happening this weekend!

Stay tuned.  Details -- soon!

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