Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Recipe 65 - Christmas Breakfast Casserole - Featuring, "The Vegg"

We all know being serious isn't my forte.. but every now and then I have to be.  However, after this serious bout, (and two more regarding geese and lambs within the next two weeks) I refuse to be serious about anything until next year.  ;)

So, let's get serious.

A few weeks ago, I answered a call from the owner of 'The Vegg' to try, and to blog about the product.  So, this is what I'm doing, right now!
When my 'Vegg' came in the mail I was downright excited.  I think I probably giggled and jumped a little.  Granted, I've had it before - but this one - this one was MINE!  To do with what I pleased!   (I do have to admit, I did try it in another recipe before this one.  The idea then was to make eggless noodles, 'vegg' noodles.  And it was awesome.)  But this is the one that I'm blogging about.  So let's get started.

I made Christmas Breakfast Casserole, and the non-vegan ingredients were VERY unforgiving, folks.   White bread, eggs, butter, cream, sour cream, milk, bacon, sausage, cheese.. how people can eat all of this in one sitting is beyond me.  I assume this might be where our obesity epidemic comes from?  But I digress.

I started out with my Vegg.   I blended it just as it read and let it sit for a bit.  Then - what did I do? *GASP*  I tried it - 'virgin'.  (No, this does NOT mean I had to add vodka to it later, sillypants.)
I took a piece of toasted bread and dipped it into the Vegg/water mix.  Suddenly, I was taken back to the days of yore (you know, when I was a princess in the king and queen's castle and I would sit down with toast and eggs over easy and dip my toast continuously into the yolk until it was gone? - Anyone out there remember when I was a princess? Sissy?).   Yes, for me, the Vegg was THAT good.

Of course, this was all about the casserole.   So I then had to make a scramble, and that's what I did with my Vegg.

That was the first layer - bread and 'scrambled Vegg'.  (I did NOT use white bread.)
Then it just got more artery clogging and "keeping cardiologists in business"-like.  But no, not this one.. this one is VEGAN.

Next layer was something like butter, cream, sour cream, milk.
Good lord, people!   I don't even know what web-site I pulled this off of, maybe heart attacks-r-us?!  Where are the veggies?!? (I thought I'd somewhat fix that with green onions, but still.. that's not much.)

It ended up with the bacon and sausage on the top, then the cheddar cheese.

I was instructed to let it sit in the fridge for a day - but heck no, "ain't nobody got no time for that!"  I was already starving (and so were the kids who were SCREAMING at me for Tiki Cat, yes my babies are spoiled). So I popped that thing into the oven and baked it for 15 minutes less than the un-vegan one.  It came out.. I was STARVING, but it had to sit for 10 mins.

Wha?  Seriously?  (This doesn't go over all that well with me.  I've been known to blister burn myself from eating food straight out of the oven.)

But, I let this one sit, and I frittered away my time hunting for the Christmas dishes.  (After all, you can't eat a Christmas casserole on an autumn inspired dish!)   I pulled out 'Donner'.  One of my "9" tiny reindeer set of dishes that my mother got me eons ago.  He's like, mafia Donner. (The Don? lol) Weird, check him out!
Anyway, it was time.
I dished it out.
I inhaled it. (I'm not proud).
The next helping I actually tasted... (we'll not talk about the third helping).

It was disturbingly yummy.   I say disturbingly because nothing with that amount of butter, cream, meat, bread and eggs in it and less than one point zero veggies should be un-disturbing.  And considering I'm almost at 2 years vegan and my tastebuds have adjusted, this stuff tasted like the real thing to me.

However, I saved baby chicks, I saved pigs, and I saved baby cows in the interim.
And, if I, personally, were as rich as this dish - I'd be living in a palace in the south of France exuding my princess charm.

Thank you Vegg.
I'll also thank you again when I finally do the "Vegg Science Experiment"!  Aka, we'll be spherifying it and making it into eggs over easy... me and super scientific chef-girl.

Until then.. stay tuned for part two of my 'Christmas Meal Ideas'.. coming your way, in just a few days!

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The whistle of my phone receiving a text.

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Making this quick because I have yoga night with the BFF.

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  1. Hi,
    This is Rocky from The Vegg. Would you like to submit your recipe for The Vegg Recipe/Contest? Apologies if I've already asked.
    Do you have a high res photo of your summer casserole for inclusion in The
    Vegg Cookbook?

  2. Do you have a recipe for your Vegg Breakfast casserole?? I'm vegan, and am going away for the weekend with my omnivore friends. I have been left in charge of preparing breakfast on Sunday morning. Your casserole looks like it can be made in advance, and will work out perfectly! I already have The Vegg at home. I'm just not sure if the ingredients (vegan ham, sausage, veges, cheese) I'd like to add will sink to the bottom, and how long it will take to bake. I noticed that my Vegg omelet took much longer to cook than dairy eggs. Thank you!

  3. Lynn,
    Do you have an email address I could send you something to?