Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recipe 64 - Eggnog and Donuts Ho Ho Ho!

Messy Messy Messy!
Okay!  Hi again!
Some days I have a really hard time trying to decide how to start my blog out.  Other days it just comes to me.  Today, is one of those more difficult days.   Regardless, it's time to get this show on the road.
This set, I didn't really do together because it just didn't turn out that way.


Thursday night I set up for the eggnog.  I'm thinking I should have done a few things differently with it, but it did have the flavor, nonetheless.  I'm convinced the actual flavor in eggnog comes strictly from the spices in it.  Sure, the milk is thick (and I had it with a nice thick coconut cream and a tiny bit of vanilla pudding mix stirred in) but the trick is adding the right amount of spice to get what you want.
*I* didn't think it was sweet enough (this could be due to all of these years making eggnog ice cream instead of the actual eggnog, or maybe because I didn't add any extra sugar?)  Anyway,  I felt like I was drinking spicy milk, so I needed cookies.  Thank goodness I made cookies last weekend.  Two chocolate chip cookies later, the stuff was GONE! :D
Again, I think I'll probably do that recipe differently, but it was the right eggnoggy flavor, so it wasn't a complete fail.

Let's move on to the donuts.
Here's where I went wrong to begin with.. I either should have done them the normal way and fried them, or I should have used my cake ball pan or something similar.  I ended up with flat bottomed donuts, and friends.. flat bottom donuts are terrible hard to fill!

Now, don't get me wrong, the flavor of the donuts turned out pretty good for what it was, and had I put about 10 layers of glaze on them, they'd have rivaled any Dunkin Donut out there, but I only put two layers of glaze on them and not much cream filling inside.


Well, everytime I went to fill, cream started coming out of every crevice.   I realized the only way to sort of fix that was fill, then to put them in the fridge and refill so the cracks could get cold. 
Even so, It didn't really make that much of a difference... so, next time I make these, I'll fry them.   My victims liked them though, and really when all else fails and you're tired of trying your own creations, I've found there are several people out there that will be happy to do so, and tell you how yummy they really are.  And how do I know?  Well, all donuts have been eaten without hesitation!  That's how! ;)

And donuts, they're a messy job.  Sticky sticky sticky, messy messy messy!  (That's from Frosty the Snowman! You know, Mr Hinkle dropping EGGS?!)

I feel short.
(Yeah I'm short - but I mean writing).
This recipe wasn't that exciting.  I wish I had more to say about it!  No crazy things happened in the interim, everything baked normally.. really the only goofy thing was my injecting the donuts and goo running out of the back, bottoms and sides.. it would have been a lot more exciting had it been filmed.. there are just some things you can't write about and make it look the way it did, IRL.

No matter.. I've got things to do so I'll close for now.
Also, I want to remind you to go check out last week's 'cheese' blog.   I helped make a version of the browned butter/mitizthra sauce in a friend's kitchen.  It was actually a three girl job!  Everyone had something to do with it, and it turned out AMAZING.  I have a small blurb about it and a photo of it in that blog if you're interested.

And what's happening this weekend?
Well, if you read my Facebook you'll know that I was sent a free package of The Vegg to try out and blog about, and that's what we'll be doing.  But how will we be utilizing The Vegg?
You'll just have to tune back in to find out.
More details coming later this week!

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