Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gimme V'more! - Vegan S'mores Cookies - Recipe 37

Move over girl scouts.. or should I say Martha Stewart?
I adapted these from the MS recipe that is out there, but changed it up pretty good.  For one, these were going into BFF Jr's tummy and I remembered she does not like oats in her cookies.   So, I took OUT the oats and put IN graham crackers (which, let's face it, made more sense anyway, Martha.)

The first time I'd made vegan s'mores cookies, I failed by baking the vegan marshmallows in the cookies.. now, mind you - those first cookies a year ago were DELICIOUS, but they did not turn out a worthy cookie.  No-siree.. they were somewhat of a hot mess. (But a yummy hot mess!)  I think baby mama ended up with some since she often says she doesn't care what food looks like as long as it's edible  (that's my girl). :)

This time I decided thus.  I was going to fire up the ol oven in the heat of the morning on Friday and start working. 
It was hot in the Cov on Friday.   I started up the AC in my villains room and pulled a fan in to point at me while working.   Then I started the oven and started mixing.

It wasn't all that hard.  A cookie, is a cookie, right?  
WRONG.  All cookies are NOT created equal, folks.

Especially when you have chocolate squares melting on top... but I digress.

In the heat of the kitchen I sliced halves of vegan marshmallows, and decorated a plate for the group, while worrying about how I was going to set these things on fire and make them look like they'd just been roasted on an open flame.

Voila, my first batch came out.
So I dillingently placed a 'marshmallow' atop each melting chocolate square and attempted to 'evenly' (and I apparently never do anything 'evenly') set my vegan mallows a fire.

*takes talent, people, takes talent.*

I was proud of my creation.. so with the next set in the oven I was ready for action.
This also gave me time to clean up my mess because I'm a mess cleaner upper like, at the second I make a mess.
There were heat dead cats all over my floor and I had to jump over them at most chances.   Occasionally I'd stop by my vintage metal fan myself and enjoy the breeze it provided.

When I finished my last group (before noon) I sealed the first bunch up.. totally thinking I'd be taking that next group to IL with me the next day and to my lil cousin's graduation party (of which I never made it to because the my ride - aka the mommy, was sick). But that was my plan.. Dani, if you're reading this.. I'm soooorry!!

Regardless, after all that work, it was time to head out to pick up the (I'm terrified of the snake that resides by your house so you gotta pick me up) girlfriend, for this Thierbach Vegan Adventure date.  

We were served chickpea burgers and the BFF's world famous salad.   All the time, lil bff jr was eyeing those v'mores.   It was cute, and they were a hit, and in fact - those Thierbachs are getting the rest of the cookies that I cannot for the life of me finish.   Should be a good little snack for bff jr since she's now on 'camp' type days for summer. 
We had a good night.   Good food, good company, strange movie.. Bff jr took the girlfriend on the grand tour, even showing her the ceiling fans!  
Can't wait for the next 'Vegan adventure' night. 
We need to do a throwdown!

And with that - just wait to see what I have up my sleeve for this weekend.
It's going to be V-logged too - if I can work it out.

The GF and I are about to make Hanaya Yohei proud. ;)

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  1. We just had two V'mores this evening for dessert!!